At the first stage of a person gets the opportunity to have a positive impact on health in respect of myself and, after 21 days of practice in relation to other people. The second stage was initiated, the person receives more opportunities of using Reiki. In addition to helping themselves and others in the field of health, he has opportunity to work with situations that are energetically clean room, vozdeystovat positively on food, water structure. All aspects and features not listed. In addition, the person receives access to work in space and time. That is remotely send the Reiki energy, as well as work with the life situations in the past and the future. After receiving the student the third stage, more actively growing its own potential by increasing its internal energy due to more complete and efficient use of Reiki.

Reiki is available to all people without exception, from children to seniors. And everyone can improve their quality of life the extent to which currently allow it. We need only realize that when all the simplicity and accessibility of the method, you must correctly set-up, which can give only a master of Reiki, as well as constant practice permitting comprehend this spiritual journey. In one of the kingdom lived the King, to whom heard rumors that one of his subjects enjoyed secret signs and spells. Requiring the paranormal, the King learned that the actions of aimed at mastering the spiritual world. King terribly angry to learn that, behold, it turns out, the spiritual world, he, the King, not subservient. And he ordered the citizens of a teach yourself to use these marks.

He received the answer that citizen has no right to do so, to devote the King in that knowledge. Then King found another of his subjects, who also knew spells and signs, and received from him all the rules of the mark characters and casting. He called disobedient, King proudly showed him their skills. He drew the sign and said the spell. And in conclusion, asked whether he ever made. He received the answer: "No, not right. Although, it is the correct signs and the correct spell, but you, Your Majesty, there is no right to use them. " In response to the outrage of the King, a citizen called the king's servants and gave them an order: 'Arrest the King! "But the servants did not move. Then pissed The king gave the same order with the same servants. The order was promptly executed. And the order, and artists-the same, but one has power over them, and the other does not. You can get yourself right and authority to use the energy of Reiki, and You can ask for a Reiki session with Reiki Master, or initiated by any of the steps of skill. In accordance with your desire and free will.