Remodelled Techniques

These technologies make possible a new art; the art of the remodelled body. But, what it means remodelled body? To remodel in them brings the idea to reconstruct, to manipulate, through techniques that aim at its physical improvement aesthetic. (SANTAELLA, 2003, p, 282). The new concept for this art of the body aims at to the aesthetic manipulation of the surface of the body. One is about the body constructed with diverse techniques of physical improvement. Musculao, gymnastics is examples of exercises that are part of this improvement.

However, we can still add a new concept for this type of artistic construction. We also have the techniques that we can call? invasive. It is in this context that we find diverse processes that in the current society are entered into an alliance so that the new body is inserted in the conjunctural aesthetic standards. They are the modeling techniques, through the plastic surgeries, the enxertos implantations and calls. The health notion is forgotten.

Such surgical processes are made do not stop taking care of the healthful objectives, but to be fit in the word of order that is contained in a beautiful body, strong, capable to reach the perfection as goal of a society of appearances. We are, thus, ahead of the cult to the body. The exterior now starts to dominate the interior. Already it does not import more what we are, but yes, as we are and most important? as we show in them. The narcissism finds its finished expression form more. It is not only enough to be beautiful is necessary to reveal as such. It is not by chance that one affirms that I entered in crisis. What we attend, in the current society, they are unresigned people with its bodies, breaching its personality, in search of a mere manufactured body and that it is inside of established the effective standards or daily pay.