Ritalina Medicine

The author approaches thematic of the indiscriminate use of the Ritalina medicine in children and the adolescents who are diagnosised with DDA/H, from the stories of the family who brings as complaint behaviors of carelessness and inquietude inside of the classroom. It raises questioning on the real necessity of this legalized drug and on the used arguments, for the doctors, to base the upheaval of attention deficit and hiperatividade. For such, it makes analysis in the ways to learn human beings, the concept of attention and activity and of the values of the society of today. Society this, that sees the citizen as an only organic being, ignoring and denying singular individual only e; causing a generalized and impersonal treatment, what it finishes for resulting in preference, for the citizen, of the medication to attenuate pain psquicaa to dialogue on its you distress.

This reality is explained through seeming of its colleague Jorge Gonalves de a Cruz who makes historical analysis of the paper of the doctor justifying because the medicine sees the patient in such a way and what it is for backwards of the great growth of the pharmaceutical industry that, for times, it creates the remedy, later the illness. After that, in it discloses its analysis to them on DSM IV, concluding that it does not have reasonable justifications for diagnosis DDA/H. making a parallel with the requirement of the school on the maintenance of the attention of the pupil and supporting themselves in the conception of floating attention used by Freud, the author in intent for the focos multiples and the diverse situations that the pupil dirige its attention today. It considers, then, a reflection on the position of psicopedagogo, ahead of the attention and the hiperatividade, alerting to us for the question of the label in children diagnosised with DDA/H, that presents the symptoms as a form to point that they are not well for the family and the school, however does not possess such upheaval, thus being does not need the medicamentoso instrument.