Secrets Emotions

“Bestselling author Ingo Vogel explains how sellers create a conversation atmosphere in which customers like to shop In contact with sellers one finds again and again according to the experts for emotional sell Ingo Vogel, Esslingen, they use lots of time before important sales calls to consider: how I present my product the customer” so that it appears in the best light? Just a few thoughts, however, to use them: How do I find an emotional connection to the customer? And: how to win his sympathy and his confidence? While selling demonstrate according to the author of the bestseller top emotionally the 7 Secrets of the top seller”next to your reservations process everyday many studies: whether or not a customer for the product A or B decides or buys the seller of X or Y seller, is largely through the emotions determined by the emotions of the customer for the seller and feel in contact with him, and the emotions, the it due to the Benefits that it promises its offer, feels. Against this background, the renowned sales trainer and consultant has formulated seven points, which itself should always call seller customer discussions into consciousness so that from them in terms of positive emotional sales pitches are. 1. people buy emotion: no emotion, no sales! Emotions control the customer decisions (unconsciously) to at least 70 percent. First of all the customer “buys, which radiates the seller and then his offer. Emotionalisieren you therefore your sales calls and presentations.

2. the sales success starts in your head! A good mood makes for a good atmosphere for discussions and a good conversation flow. Bring therefore before you meet customers, actively in the best mood. 3. first impressions count, remains the last! To start your sales pitch your good charisma makes likable and trustworthy you the customer. According to the conversation history. At the end of one particularly your liability. 4.

Their facial expressions decides! The customer signals their body language and in particular your facial expressions: friend or foe? Remember in your sales conversations. 5. credibility is the be-all and end-all”! Fits her behavior and your voice, what you (removal) say that? “What you say is important. How is but still critical”(behavior/voice), so the emotion. 6 be different! People love and trust brands. Will be a genuine, passionate brand by showing your corners and edges and emotional message. 7. treat your customers! With time, positive emotions and honest interest and attention. If seller heed these seven points for customer contacts, they go according to bird on the road to success. In other words, they achieve more transactions in less time. Because feel the customer in contact with them and feel that the seller would appreciate it as a person, they have also confidence in them.