Shinbone Point

It is first advised to consult to its dermatologist for an suitable use of the quality tools, that habitually use the dermatologists, cosmetlogos and esteticistas. Nevertheless, we can here give the technique simple to use of extractor of comedones. The black points are annoying, is oil a dead mixture of the skin, cells and bacteria that are accumulated within pores of our skin. You can use the same tools that the professional esteticistas and that are of dermatological use, to extract the black points, obstructed shinbones and pores. They can be exterminated using an extractor of comedones of professional quality. First of all, it places a hot cloth, humid good washing in the face during minutes.

After a shower it is the ideal moment to extract black points. To impregnate to the steam the face or to use a compressed one of hot water, this is recommended to help to soften comedones. This him will make easy much more to extract. When he is ready to begin the extraction process must settle down to sides, placed in the part superior of the black point – basically around the zone that interests to him to extract shinbone or comedn Aplique a slow pressure and smoothly until the catched tallow is expelled from the follicle. The black point and all the rest of bacteria, must leave towards outside the pore. It does not continue with the attempt of the extraction if the catched tallow, is not freed easily.

If force too much can be caused to infections and scars. Before to perforate a white point with lanceta (end), is recommended before extracting the shinbone to be placed sterile gloves to do asepsis and antisepsis and later it hopes until the white point is broken, next, rotates smoothly the tool on the white point. Asegrese to disinfect or to sterilize its material previously before to use it in the area when it finishes and it must to sterilize its tool with benzal or sterilizers in average a but of 165 degrees centigrades. A very deep grain, type cyst does not have to be abierto with the lanceta. When one is deep acne, he is better to visit a dermatologist that the same it tries to extract the shinbone. A doctor can use a sterile needle, but only after a pustule has formed. The additional treatments depend on the gravity of the acne. It never remembers uses the fingers or the arms of aspiration for the elimination of black points, that can aggravate the infections of the skin. One superficial wound by but minim that this it is it means a route of entrance it frees it stops bacteria like estafilococo aerus, previous to the conditions interns of bacteria before extracting the shinbone, skin it is an organ like any other, that it requires time of recovery by more it weighs that the procedure it would be. If it requires information more interesting will be provided it in sgte: it connects.