Surgery Aesthetics

In everyday life we are involved in an issue that has provoked during the last years much controversy for being one of the most used methods to achieve perfection in different parts of our body either in women or men who wish to reach those measures that are among the parameters set by our society that says reflect the absolute beauty of a person if so we are talking about cosmetic surgery which is defined as the medical specialty which seeks to reconstruct deformities and correct functional deficiencies through the transformation of the human body which arises in the year 2500 and 3000 b.c. in Egypt where he found the Papyrus Edwin Smith which describes surgical interventions, treatment of traumatic injury and facial fractures. Using different research has discovered that surgery arises to fulfill a need of man in the year 2500 BC where people to commit acts of crime, adultery, or prisoners of war were punished with mutilation of the nose; to present this situation cosmetic surgery starts to take its peak generating new techniques for one way or another help to those people who were subjected to these interventions taking into account that the nose was a symbol of respect before the society during this time. Also note that this kind of techniques were also used to deform the face of women who commit adultery since they should be identified and isolated by different persons of the people for their actions. From that moment are born different procedures because it is a form of punishment or to repair fractures of nose and others that relate to how to treat injuries in the neck, upper extremities, chest and spine. As time goes on we can see as cosmetic surgery does not change its aim but if his employment since today instead of correct small defects caused by external agents of different nature or dependent physical problems to genetics It is used of one alternately to meet vain pleasures of those individuals that only seek to find an external beauty made up different parts of body whose magnitudes established by society describe the woman or perfect man.

More than once we have heard young women unsatisfied with their measures who wish to undergo this kind of surgical intervention seeking to be more attractive and even men that is not compliant with different features of your face. As we can see cosmetic surgery to noticeably changed since past being a source of punishment and correction of defects to a method whose purpose is to train people with measures, faces and perfect bodies without there is a real need for their implementation in some cases and giving as a result a lie that corrects defects external at the expense of the intenas virtues. At the conclusion of this investigation we want those people interested in the subject to assume greater responsibility when using this specialisation of surgery since it is important to point out that the intensity of the defect usually not proportional to the seriousness of the problem that represents, so it is fair to accept the subjectivity of the assessments that we make about ourselves. Get your greatest strengths of your flaws! Original author and source of the article.