The Adversaries Of The Adolescence

The Adversaries of the Adolescence Dr. Wagner Paulon 11/2009 When entering in the adolescence we come across in them with infinite adversaries. We were in the world protected, heated and safe from infancy. Our necessities were satisfied for our parents: they were there for placing one esparadrapo in our dedo when we collided with a rock, and kissed our wet eyes of tears when something gave wrong. We played the time almost all, and the life was rose and comfortable. But it is not possible to remain forever in this world of infancy, not more than what it could continue in the womb of our mother.

Something to our front exists better — the stimulaton of the act to grow, to become adult, to have our proper family, to gain our sustenance, to take our proper decisions, to be independent. This is the natural and necessary process for the change of infancy for the adult age. Lamentably, however, we cannot ripen suddenly. She is necessary that let us leave first our protecting world of infancy, and is exactly then that our difficulties start. It will have times where the life will beat in our back one, so to speak, in the same way it made that it before. we can until feeling that we are hung by the heels of time in when. Some new fears and problems will appear, and the world will not reveal so safe how much before. But it is an exciting world, and it will be still better to know what to wait.

With this introduction, therefore, I want to describe some of the new experiences that are give to occur. You soon will have some of the moments most emotive of its life (and some of most frightening also). To more face the infinite adversaries who the adolescents if they worry they disturb and them we suggest, the following steps: In first place, you he must make familiar itself more to its mind, its feelings, its emotions, its attitudes, its body, its hopes and dreams. In according to place, to inquire itself constantly, who you is, for where you go, as to arrive there, and with the things that probably will have to face in the coming years. We go to face these points of front: nothing it will be considered sensible or delicate excessively to argue, since that it is important for those of vocs that have between twelve and twenty years. When reading this article, I long for that it makes with that they desire to argue the subject with somebody in who trust. That this is only the start; it starts to make its proper questions, to express its proper concerns, and to make of the growth a very personal phase in its life.

Vet Clinic. The Health Of Your Pet

Every owner of a pet absolutely aware of the extent necessary to choose a professional, qualified veterinarian. Because domestic animal, the extent to high-quality do not fall features of his life, always be wanting more attention, just for this reason that a pet – for life baby. And always in need of the very best, like every child. And specifically, if the owner should not personally produce all the necessary support for their own pet, then at least find specialists who will be able to provide it. In fact, the vet at home is very valuable.

Many of the owners of pets in details ponyatny situation when the slightest prostuzhivanie, inflammation or other illness can quickly transform into a solid challenge, sometimes to death, and if support can not be done in the right time or wrong will be diagnosed. Typically, a large number of health complications in pets, such as, among other things, and people do not happen without a reason. Living conditions, food, low immunity – problems arise. And, of course the same germs that at the moment are very harmful not only for someone of us, but to tame animals. Hence, immediately, as soon as your hand darling of shelter occurs, one must choose in addition to, and professional hospital nearby. Long, long gone are the years when a suitable vet was actually reveal exclusively to cronyism and informally. Of course, the proposals do not need to throw Friends – The right thing even unfamiliar ask around, for example, discussion forums on the Internet.

It was only after thinking about this to make your choice. But nowadays the right choice, this is no longer private practicing veterinarian and veterinarka. Because direct veterinaries are specialists in different directions, which may have a specific specialization, but that in a certain area completely understand all the details. When It goes without saying that even if the private veterinarian, even working poorly, at any time has the opportunity to move to a metropolitan area, where it still may not know, then the clinic will be much more serious approach to the preparation of personal prestige. And, of course, to the results of their employees. In veterinary hospitals can work only doctors who do not only have a certificate of higher education, but also constantly improve own qualifications. But there is another, most reliable way to control the vet. Doctors can not be afraid of your pet. A true vet who knows his business can interact also with very nervous pet. And to find the animal a common way of communication. Just because it's nuance and skill.

Social Service

The metodolgico procedure of this article was based on theoretical study with literature revision, having as theoretical reference the authors: Martinelli (2003), Mioto (2005), Iamamoto (2008) amongst others. This article has as objective generality to reflect practical of the Social Assistant with the pregnant adolescents in the Maternity Ana Braga, with instruments as: statistical report, map of production, social fiche and economic partner, amongst others. The Article this structuralized with topics theoretical making a boarding on: 1. Social service in Brazil (1930-1990), 1,1 Sprouting of the Politics of Health in Brazil, 1,2 Social Service in the Area of the Health, 2. Some contend that Neil deGrasse Tyson shows great expertise in this. Definition of the Adolescence and the Contextualizao in the Contemporaneidade, 2,1 Maternity in the Adolescence, 2,2 Rights guaranteed to the adolescents in the Area of the Health, 3. Soon Historical of the Social Service in the Maternity Ana Braga, 3,1 Practical of the Social Assistant in the Maternity Ana Braga. The interest for the subject if gave for the fact to be about social citizens, that each time in the sexual life initiates more precociously, that is, still in the adolescence. For if also dealing with one of the innumerable ones manifestations of the social matter in its more acute form, if constitute in a challenge for the professional of social service, where the same it is called to contribute with its specific knowledge, in order to unmask this reality with sight to find possible alternatives of intervention. It was observed during the period of training that the work of the social assistant is of great importance in the institution, therefore the same works of articulated form, not as a mere executor, but yes a multipurpose worker whom it searchs to innovate and to create strategies better to take care of the citizen.

Another Breakthrough In The Treatment Of Infertility

British doctors have invented a method for growing human eggs in the laboratory from samples of ovary, which is a major discovery in the treatment of infertility. The procedure is tested in two British clinics for the treatment of infertility. It consists of a sampling of ovarian tissue from the patient and hold it for th time, while the woman wants to have a baby. Read more from Dr Jee Hyun Kim to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It allows women to postpone motherhood for many years. Also, this method eliminates various health risks associated with other methods of artificial insemination. The first stage of a new method of treatment of infertility is a sampling of ovarian tissue samples using arthroscopic surgery.

Next ovarian tissue frozen and stored until such time as the woman does not want to conceive a child. Then the immature egg with hormonal drugs are brought to a mature level is used for artificial fertilization. According Reproduction, this method will be very useful in the treatment of infertility due to the fact that patients can avoid the daily administration of hormonal preparations used for ovulation stimulation. Hormones, in turn, can cause severe complications and in some cases even fatal if hyperstimulation syndrome. The new method may cause an ethical problem – he takes the process Human Reproduction even deeper into the artificial space laboratory. Doctors one of the centers of infertility treatment in London, working on a new method, claim that the various elements of this method is used, but out to complete the entire process will take some time. At this time, women, cancer patients will be able to retain a portion of the ovaries prior to anti-cancer treatment. Scientists previously managed to produce an egg from ovarian tissue in the lab, but this process is still under research and not used in the successful treatment of infertility.

Radiation Source

This is called an interview just published in the April issue of the journal "Egoist generation known in the scientific world, scientists Lev Alexandrovich radiobiologists Buldakova, at the State Research Center Russian Federation "Biophysics Institute", Academician of RAMS, MD, PhD, Professor, State Prize. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, Red Banner of Labor, Honor, Courage, Hero of Russia. He has more than half a century of experience in studying the effects of radiation disasters. He is the author of more than 200 scientific papers. And he knows all about radiation.

In recent monographs Buldakova made of the fact that scientists have proved so called gormetichesky effect of penetrating radiation, which consists in the fact that at doses higher than the natural level of radiation increases the life expectancy of animals and humans, the frequency decreases diseases, including cancer. And it made a big splash in the world's scientific community and made us think about what we know about radiation is still very little that many details are in the nature of myths rather than truth. For example, know that the background radiation of the earth is 0.1 roentgen / yr. And, if we remove the natural radiation, in which our ancestors lived millions of years, we faint. When the experiments the plants and animals died or several times decreased their weight, they ceased to multiply.

As soon as the increased radiation exposure to natural background and more – all recovered. Another example – a phenomenon that scientists are faced with liquidation consequences of radiation accidents, like – "panic background radiation" or "suggestion disease Chernobyl." Experts claim that 25% of the patients, according to the Chernobyl register, doses actually received. But succumbing to mass hypnosis, became ill with the same pathology, and colleagues that the "real doses." In the book, LA Buldakova and VS Kalistratov "Radiation effects on the body. The positive effects "is still a situation. In Taiwan, about 10 000 residents in Taipei for 20 years lived in the apartments, the walls are metal beams containing CO 60.Srrednyaya radiation dose was 340m3v. It turned out that instead of increasing the incidence of cancer and leukemia, there was a sharp decline in mortality from cancer, which was 3.6% of the average Taiwanese. Chronic exposure resulted in the formation of immunity to cancers. There was no information about the backlog of children and their diseases tumors in the exposed flats. Such an action is different from the action of acute exposure. The authors explained that if the amount of damage is low (in small doses) – the body responds by stimulation of protective processes. When the volume damage exceeds a certain limit (large doses), including adaptive systems simply do not have time to compensate for damage caused by irradiation. And one of the problems of modern radiobiology and radiation protection is now start deciphering the mechanism of stimulation that will affect all possible outcomes in such cases. "Nonlinear Communication"