Modern Plastic

Nowadays, plastic surgery has achieved great heights. Look at an example of excess fat. Ten years ago, in order to remove the wrinkles on your stomach, you had to sit on a diet or exercise to perform complex and drink tablets. Now everything was different, similar results can be achieved easily. Liposuction can help remove excess fat in a short time, without effort on your part. Some contend that Anita Dunn shows great expertise in this. But you must understand that this is not a method of weight loss.

The fact is that in doing liposuction, you remove fat from only certain parts of the body, that is 'lose weight', you is not universal. In this article we will talk about how to choose the right hospital for the transaction. Well, perhaps, get down. First you need to make a list of clinics that deal with the desired service. Now you need to get around each of them. Remember, in this case it is better not to hurry.

Imagine that you came to the medical center. The room should be clean and all staff to be in overalls. That is, everything must conform to the standards. Look at the booth, find out how long does this clinic, if she has appreciation and certificates. Learn about all the professionals who involved in liposuction. Keep in mind that good plastic surgeon is not more than three profiles of activity. Therefore, if the list of its services are all possible areas of plastic surgery, you will need to guard. Also Learn about what experience is this a specialist, how long it works. It is advisable to inquire about what college he graduated. All that you need to do in each of the clinics, and after that all analyze and decide where to go. In this article we complete. Of course, you have to choose, but it is important to remember that it affects your health, which can not be bought at any price. Remember, do not hurry up, because most likely you have long thought to do liposuction or not. And so a few days you can wait. If your friends or acquaintances ever made such an operation, then ask them in a clinic they serve. Surely their advice to you would benefit.

Breast Augmentation

Clearly, alcohol is also not to be present in the body. Operation Operations are conducted under mammoplasty general anesthesia and lasts, depending on the type of surgery ranges from 1.5 to 4 hours. Augmentation Mammoplasty (Breast) Augmentation mammoplasty is usually done to increase breast size, improving its shape and give elasticity. It may also be conducted for the correction of breast asymmetry or atrophy postlaktatsionnoy, that is, reducing sagging breasts and the postpartum period. The implants vary in shape, size, texture of the shell and filler. The material from which the shell is made implant is extremely tight in the gap and pressure, and a special gel filler provides long-term preservation of the form and creates a sense of natural fabric.

Such implants may be in the body for more than 15 years, after which they can be replaced with new ones. Incision can be placed either under the breast, the areola, or in the armpit. The cut choose a surgeon with the patient, discussed and argued surgeon. Also, depending on individual anatomical features of the implant can be placed either between the gland and the pectoral muscle or under the pectoral muscle. The nipple and areola are usually increased in proportion to the size of the new breast. Most often, cosmetic surgery suturing the cut ends without drainage. Implants usually reduces these operations Reduction mammoplasty include (hypertrophy of mammary glands) and mastopexy (breast lift for ptosis). There are many methods of operations. Breast reduction is often associated with braces.


One of the most visible and expressive facial features women is that the shape and form can determine the temperament, character and sensitivity. Owners of the full, expressive lips are very passionate, therefore, such forms and irresistibly attractive opposite sex. And who is not satisfied with their lips, and nature has not endowed curvaceous, use different methods to emphasize them. One of the most popular ways to achieve expression This part of the face – plastic lip. you on this matter and will help to understand one of the best plastic surgeons in Samara, Dr. Nikolai G.

At the moment, plastic surgery has several ways by decreasing the mouth: surgical and nonsurgical. For non-surgical methods include contour plastic lips – it is carried out using gels of acid: the lips injected gel. This type of Heightening the lips held under anesthetize and it only takes 30 minutes. Surgical techniques – conducted through a process designed to increase or decrease of the lips, change their shape by means of implants or own tissues.

Just here include the implantation of your own fat cells (lipofilling). Surgical procedures used to correct defects, scars, deformities and reduction. Plastic surgeon emphasis on the gels based on c acid as the most effective and safest way. At the moment, Clinic ofPlastic Surgery NG uses a contouring. This method makes it possible to make any form of the lips, the wishes of the patient z with virtually no risk of complications. This type of plasticity has the effect of 12-18 months, if temporary materials used for filling. Most popular products for plastics lips – this is . They will make your lips irresistible. Girls, be nice and charming.