Notebook Popular Education

Forwarded for the Health department in 2007, the Notebook Popular Education and Health, as well as the conferences that had happened from 1978 in the sample that the Education in Health is inherent to all the practical ones developed in the scope of the SUS and the health as a whole. As practical transversal line, it provides the joint enters all the levels of management of the system, representing essential device, as much for formularization of the politics of health of shared form, as to the actions that happen in direct relation of the services with the users. The Florey Institute recognizes the significance of this. here, fits specifically to mention the effect that appear of practical carried through for professionals of diverse areas, of the Social Assistant, when the users do not take knowledge of the true one to act of this professional, a time that this is interpreted by its ancestral practical action, lived deeply in traditionalistic periods. Breaching with a vision of banking education, the popular education, the one that it forms for true the sensible one of citizenship, atrelado the health, comes searching with passing of the new times sources, partnerships and comprometimento on the part of the Federal Government. Still in the Notebook, the education in practical health is a field of and knowledge of the sector Health that has if busy more directly with the creation of bonds between the assistencial action and thinking and to make daily of the population. Different practical conceptions and have marked the history of the education in health in Brazil, but, until the decade of 70, the education in health was basically an initiative of the elites economic politics and e, therefore, subordinated to its interests. Contact information is here: cardiologist. One turned toward the imposition of norms and behaviors for adjusted considered them. 4A CITIZENSHIP AS RIGHT Contextualizando Marshall, 1967, p.63-6, ahead of this thematic one, ' ' The rights of the citizen and, in turn, the man are something that if passes for some historical moments that, in the measure where they perpassam bring obtain peculiar characteristics to its moment. .

Social Rights

Since the creation of the first social program that is characterized prioritizes the woman, however ahead of as many emancipatrias conquests she is excellent the questioning front to such requirement, however seen that, this rank does not add social values, neither emancipatrios politicians nor had to condition the woman before a marxist and contradictory society. ' ' The universalistas politics are criticized by becoming the dependent individuals of benefcios' '. The dream to be successful in the majority is lost for illusions, front to a broken up social existence, a possibility of unreal consumption ahead of as many absences of the social rights, can be concluded a reality of social context threatened for its rights social, and devoid of resistant public and economic politics to a transforming action. that on account of this identification of I benefit as ' ' renda' ' , the majority does not search social, economic improvements and cultural, a time that identifies that from the moment that improves the socioeconmica condition they are excluded from the program, however the real situation is the condicionalidades imposed for the program, this not condiz with the fact to have income is alone programs and yes, the diverse factors come back toward in agreement child the tripod: health, education and assistance. The absence of the guarantee of the rights if has established as one of more the aggravations problems of the Programs of Transference of Income with Condicionalidades, as it is the case of the program Stock market Family. The Programs of Transference with these characteristics violate the rights human, since a human right must be guaranteed by the simple fact of an individual to exist, that is, its condition human being. From the moment that the citizen if does not recognize as citizen of rights, the citizenship also is omitted, therefore the Social Rights are legitimated, however the identification of the citizen ahead of the right is necessary. .

Frankenstein Romance

In the Romance of Frankenstein, author Mary Shelley makes a critical feminist against the existence of a feminine nature that is forcene, because the protagonist Victor takes for itself the divine task to create the life, having taken this masculine creation exclusively, it a man, giving the existence to another creature, also for being seen in the roles played for the women in the romance as accompanying passive the Elizabeth Lavenza, the deditosa fianc of Victor, that only makes to wait for the tragic destination that it hugs, or Caroline Beaufort, the mother of Victor, that she dies to be to risk deliberately, treating the smallpox contracted for Elizabeth. All incarnate, thus, an idea of woman total self-sacrificing and autosacrificada. The women, on the other hand, are all confined to the home, owners of house, as Elizabeth and Caroline, who also play the nurse role, or house servants as Justine. What the creation of a life despertou in Victor was when it came across itself with the death and in this context of the women so they are overwhelmd, it he saw limitation of the women through the death, then it perceived that only a man could decide this question of the end of this death and transform it while still alive forever. The men had a very important paper in the society, were employee of the government, as the father of Victor, scientist as proper Victor, then the men had the power then because not to also have the power on the death, being that the women gave the life through the birth but did not have the power of ilimitar it. With this sphere of compatibility of social values, Victor does not obtain to work and to love at the same time and if he refuses to have an affectionate relation with its work, in special with its creation, therefore the creation tipificava the women. In history it had death of many women, Justine that is hanged, accused unjustly to have killed William, brother of Victor, in the reality the first victim of the vingativa fury of the creature and Elizabeth, that in the night of nuptials is deceased for the monster. Victor, denies the monster the possibility of the company of the feminine sex of its species, but it starts to construct, but he from fear destroys to spread on the land a race of demons.

When Victor was in the creation of the monster, it transmitted frieza in its action, attributing objetividade, reasoning and the mind, characteristic of the man and the subjectivity, emotion are the feminine nature. Mary Shelley that at the time of the elaboration of its masterpiece counted only 18 years, lived in the period of the romantismo, therefore its ideals were romantic that it saw the nature as a creative mother, an alive organism or ecological community in which the beings livings creature interact in mutual dependence, but the Iluminismo had marked strong presence, the scientific ideals of the time was incased perfectly in the iluministas ideas of the man as controlling of the nature, total opposing to the romantic paradigm and this was reason of intrigues for Mary. The masterpiece of Mary condemns the egoism and the ambition of the masculine sphere of action. Mary Shelley of certain form anticipates one criticizes that it would only come to be explicitada more than a century and way after the publication of Frankenstein for theoretical feminists. Bibliography: – Research in the Internet History, Sciences, Health Print version ISSN 0104-5970 History science greets-Manguinhos vol.8 in the,1 Rio De Janeiro Sea. /June 2001


After the Chinese domain these arts if they had diversified for the world (FUNAKOSHI, 1988). The Karat if spread out for the world following a philosophy of healthful life, disciplines, balance, through the devotion, loyalty, autoconfiana of the individual. Then, the Karat started to not more conquer the world for martial art, now as one disciplines that it works the physicist and the intellect of its practitioners. For this reason the present study it used the practical one of the Karat-do, therefore such fight she is beneficial for all the ages. Dr Jee Hyun Kim has plenty of information regarding this issue. In the aging process, some 0 variable occur as: social, cognitivas, neuromotoras and metabolic losses, have a great influence in the comprometimento of the quality of life of the aged individual, causing the same, the physical, psychological and economic loss of autonomy and dependences in relation to the society and the family. Practical the regular one of physical activities has an important contribution for the healthful aging, thus increasing the life expectancy of this population. Where practical the regular one of the exercises goes to help to prevent and to control some patologias that tend to increase the indices of morbidade and mortality, aid also in the inhibition of the organic alterations that if associate in the degenerative process. The practical one of physical exercises in the Karat is an essential component in the cares with the health.

The physical activity in its peculiarities can contribute for the prevention and the recovery of males organic, psychological and social (Oak, 2004). The Karat is an activity that assists in the integral development of the practitioners, at the same time that it acts in the maintenance of the health. The level of intensity and the complexity of the practised techniques can vary as the age, sort and other difficulties and potentialities of the practitioners, if not restricting to a preset profile.

Government Organizations

For these reasons many arrive to look orientation of other Organizations as in them it establishes graph 3: NOT GOVERNMENTAL SUPPORT IN GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS OR ORGANIZATIONS Source: Research of LBV/Manaus Field, 2010. The percentage sample that the majority of the people information in relation search greets it in not governmental organizations that they offer some clarification, as for example pains in the joint, chronic headache, labirintite, problems in the vision, amongst others, where many of them receive the orientation and are directed the specialist. As the first consultation must be for the units of low complexity, as casinhas of the quarters through clinical doctors, still the team perceives the insufficience of the due referring accesses to multidiscipline. However, it is perceived great lack of the professionals specialized in the units of health, even so they is gifts in reference hospitals. Official site: Dr. Mark Hyman. This causes the growth of the demands for specialized professionals as cardiologia, endocrinologista, oftalmologista, ortopedia traumatology/, in result of the reduced number and for the vacant limit to be taken care of daily.

Graph 4: HEALTH PROBLEMS Source: Research of LBV/Manaus Field, 2010. Research observes in that many people, are unaware of the type of illness, that they feel and when they know do not look the medical specialist, therefore find great obstacles to be taken care of in the units of health/polyclinics, facing great displacements, lines without end and very distant vacant of attendance. Rank this, many people gives up the attendance, or when it obtains the first one consultation is difficult a next return, is observed that they are discouraged by the health service. In Manaus the attendance in the public health moved from 2009, with the objective to finish with the lines in the polyclinics, to shorten the passage for the access to the attendance. The attendance is made in the ranks of health of the proper quarter, as well as the agendamento of examinations and consultations with specialists.

Psychiatric Reformation

But it was in years 70 that the insertion occurred accomplishes of the social service in psychiatric hospitals, thanks to the requirements of the National Institute of Social welfare? INPS. With this, the Ministry of the Providence and Social Assistance? MPAS instituted by means of the manual of service for psychiatric assistance, of 1973, the formation of multiprofessional teams, with the presence of social assistants, among others. (GREAT-GRANDSON, 2005, P. 24). More information is housed here: Nancy-Ann_DeParle. These teams if had also not constituted only because the Social Service would be a new form to direct the problem of madness, but because the Social Service would act as ' ' pacifying of the questions sociais' ' emergent in the manicomial area and as barateador of the assistance costs in general. … Dr. Mark Hyman has compatible beliefs. In years 70, the social assistant he was called to be part of the multiprofessional teams without a clear definition of the performance profile, working more as to assist of the psychiatrist in the social problems of that especially I eat social assistants. (GREAT-GRANDSON, 2007, p.50-53).

Later, in years 90, this assistencial structure with multiprofessional teams elaborated by you would carry ministerial, was reaproveitada by the Movement of the Psychiatric Reformation? MRP in Brazil. For Great-grandson (2007), the practical one of the social assistant in the MRP does not have to be armed of techniques to act in the mental health, but yes to develop methodologies, advanced in the critical analysis of the society in its refractions with madness, from there to conceive the mediaes for interventions in the psychiatric field. The mental health as work process orients is tied it in the desinstitucionalizao and of the inclusion of the carrier of mental upheaval in the society, with focus in the symptom/pathology. Initiating a new combined model that with the SUS of an extended conception of the social matters, the relation of a social, cultural and economic set of the parents on the basis of encloses situations of amplitude of the health.

Physical Education And Quality Of Life

The Physical Education has prioritized and emphasized the bio-physiological dimension, but new questions, happened of the perception of the complexity of the actions human beings, have been brought for this another scientific field. Quality of Life is an ambiguous, complex, subjective term and that it varies mainly of person for person and of culture and time. It is identified, the interaction of the dimensions of the promotion of the health, the quality of life and the physical activity inside of a movement unchained in the scope of the physical education and sciences of the sport, whose epistemolgico axle is centered in general in the increment of the level of habitual physical activity of the population and of increasing its envolvement with activities that result in energy expense above of the rest, becoming the individuals most active. A dominant trend in the field of the physical education establishes a relation enters practical of the physical activity and the healthful behavior. The present study it has intention to show to the importance of the lessons of Physical Education in the life of the pertaining to school, pointing the aspects of relevance in the improvement of the quality of life and clarifying these so that the physical Education is so important how much the others you discipline of the school therefore it this related with the health of the educandos and well applied contents and some boardings can very be significant being able to have utility for the remaining portion of its lives. Although to involve a small parcel of the quantitative total of pupils and professors of the city of Araguana, this research sends in them to consider that projects, frum, debates, campaigns on thematic they must be stimulated, either for the public institutions and or university, so that the subject if spreads in the interior of the schools..