The Adolescent

During the process of evolution of the autoone to the heterossexualidade that happens in the adolescence it is possible to observe at the same time activities of character masturbatrio, therefore before initiating its sexual life the adolescent one passes for a discovery process of the proper body, and the beginning of the genital exercises that in turn is much more preparatory of what procreative, that it really only happens of form accomplishes in the start of the adult life that comes folloied of the genital maturity. During the phase of evolution of the genitalidade that follows in set with the sexuality, as already we stand out the adolescent lives in constant conflicts, and this period that it is confused between the fondness the power, thus activating automatically its mechanisms prohibited. The woman passes for a phenomenon specifies more that she is of the menarca, known as the first menstruation, lived deeply in our dangerous culture as something, therefore she is in this period that if arises the sexuality of a more expressive form, that is, is when the young woman can initiate its sexual activity, therefore it will be in a period of accomplishments and satisfactions. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dr Jee Hyun Kim is the place to go. As it happens the procedures of acceptance of the genitalidade that according to COAST and LOPES (2001) they are only the reproduction agencies, is initiated looks it for a partner where it starts the physical contacts, that are each time more frequent and significant giving character of more importance for the sexual life of the adolescent. From this moment it starts to appear the first love, that occurs in the adolescence and can or not be corresponded, as for example, when the loved person is idealized, being a television artist or even though a professor, that in the truth has characteristics of the father in the case of girls, or of the mother in the case of boys, which the adolescent supports fancies edpicas, that if develop when the child reaches the flico sexual period. .