The Average

The high number of qualities and prices would emphasize LEICA Ultravid 8×32, Swarovski SLC 8×30, 8×30 ZEISS VICTORY FL. The average series offers more affordable models, without sacrificing quality: SKYHAWAK STEINER 8×30, 8×32 FORESTA VIXEN. Another option, middle, is made up of eight models with increases of 42 mm front lenses. This series is more luminous (L: 5.25) than the previous comparable power, weight and similar or slightly higher. In the high-end highlight LEICA Ultravid 8×42 and 8×42 DCF MONARCH average. Finally, it may be also useful models 8x compact front and 21-26 mm lens, whose small size and weight make them very attractive. NIKON 8×25 models SPORTSTAR and BUSHNELL 8×25 H2O (waterproof), both with aspheric lenses and Bak-4 prisms are particularly recommended.

HUNTING Many of the recommendations specified for Ornithology apply to hunting, but for this we discuss some peculiarities. For general use in hunting the best choice is, in our view, a binocular mount and waterproof compact (or weatherproof) of 10×40 or 10×42, with size as appropriate, acceptable weight, power and lighting, we provide protection assurance and performance in harsh environmental conditions. In the upper middle range of qualities and prices would be appropriate models DOCTER 10×40 B (waterproof) or BAUSCH & LOMB DISCOVERED 10×42 (waterproof). At the high end would advise the LEICA 10×42, Swarovski SLC 10×42, Zeiss 10×40 BGA, and Swarovski 10×42 EL, all sealed and filled with nitrogen. For hunting to stalking, where environmental conditions are even more extreme (light of dawn or twilight, fog, rain, ice, etc..) can be equally valid previous models.