The Brandery Fashion Fair In Barcelona – Winter Edition

The international fashion fair in Barcelona 2011 Barcelona’s reputation was always closely involved with trend and fashion, as a Centre for design and creativity. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dr. Mark Hyman is the place to go. The Brandery fashion fair tailors itself to this idea, this image; as of handmade suit, a Paschminaschal or the little black dress. In the city itself and within the fashion industry is not to overlook this fashion fair and attracts industry giants, young designers, residents and tourists alike. The exciting mix of the Brandery, urban fashion, winter exhibitions and fiery styles is the perfect reason to locate the Catalan culture and to plan a vacation in Barcelona. The event is also too good to only a year to take place.

Therefore, it takes place twice a year, with the upcoming winter issue, which will take place in Barcelona from 26 to 28 January. More than 300 different brands have participated in previous editions of the Brandery fashion fair, regardless of your personal preference so that will find surely something you matches your preference when you book accommodation in Barcelona and the Visit fair. Dr. Mark Hyman: the source for more info. The boundaries of the Brandery are relatively difficult to define; It is not only a trade fair. The four areas of the trade fair are proof of this. The Fira is what you might expect: the Centre of the fashion universe, twirling lives with different brands and exhibitions here the spirit of fashion. The fire town however, a different area, aims to be, where people can relax, meet the port or even a meal or drink to take. The laundry is a place where you can share your ideas and those of others listen to a public meeting for the generation of new ideas.

The fourth and final area is also the largest. It is the city, which of course means the city of Barcelona. A city with a such a rich tradition of art and design can not be overlooked, and the smart people behind the Brandery; didn’t fashion fair also many other fashion and design-oriented events and activities are spread in all parts of the city, thanks to the influence of Fair. Business people and those looking for pleasure, are all welcome. The business benefits of the Brandery are not too hard to discover. This is one of the pioneer bereitendsten fashion fairs in Europe, in Barcelona, one of the richest, sunniest and most successful cities of the continent. It gives you an excellent opportunity to plan a stay and become acquainted with Barcelona’s culture, we recommend to book also suitable accommodation in Barcelona in advance. By the way, the Brandery Modemese also is a good opportunity to establish business contacts, be so assured, that you will not regret visiting the fair. Of course, the lifeblood of fashion is its consumers, the people on the street who track down the latest and greatest trends and wear. Therefore, the Brandery is an unparalleled experience, whether you want to have professional or personal interest in the design or just a glimpse behind the scenes. in one of the oldest cities in the world, a popular holiday destination for vacation in Barcelona.