The Builder

On some elements of technology jogging – antagonist jogging. Because of this, sometimes runners-athletes with disdain and ironic look at the mincing past the jogger. Yet, if the race is selected as a means of healing, we must forget about technique and speed jogging and never to them not to strive for. To read more click here: cardiologist. From this it is necessary to accept that from a true friend, one day, running did not become a formidable foe. To the builder of health, race does not become a destroyer of even a weak body. Technology jogging is very simple. In appearance, it's not spectacular running, passive, unhurried, even languid footwork and hands. Muscle – relaxed steps – short, not very high amplitude of the primaries of hand movements. Details can be found by clicking Gina Ross or emailing the administrator.

From the side it seems that the runner just too lazy to make energetic movements, so he barely minces along the path. But it is precisely this technique protects the freshman from injury, but the heart of the overload, allows you to save the aerobic nature of the load. Incidentally, it was a race called therapeutic, helping to get rid of almost any of all diseases. This glory of the medical run, very slow jogging as a means of omnipotent almost all diseases, walking on the planet for half a century. Developed from an early age features of their equipment running to break or adjust is not necessary. Nature and regular training themselves adjust the running technique. If you run with relaxed muscles, stop clear of the floor pad, located between the toe and the arch on the outside of the foot. To run on your toes is not natural and tedious loaded calf muscles.

On the heels – not worth it, big shock stress on the joints, especially on the spine. Useful and safe run, when the organism enters freely the air. Then, in the light falls is sufficient for energy production of oxygen. This is an aerobic running, jogging or aerobic nature. Breathe better through your nose (no breathlessness). If breathing is through the nose is difficult, for example, because of damage to walls, then at least to inhale through the nose. This air is cleaned, humidified, warmed (or cooled). During aerobic running is possible and even desirable to speak aloud, then respiratory receive an increase in its development, and the runner gets distracted from the monotony of training. Recommendations on the optimal frequency and duration of running, shoes, clothing and self-control will be published in the next issue of the weekly. The transition from walking to running. It often happens that due to poor health, or overweight, a decent age, or the presence of the disease, it is necessary first to engage in a certain time of Recuperation walking. However, strengthening the body, many are capable of and show a desire gradually to take up the jogging. Invented by a wide variety of schemes of this transition. Often elected alternate approximately 5-10-meter cross sections, for example, hundreds of hiking. As the addiction of the body, cross-sections increase and decrease pedestrian. You can warm the body after a long walk, at the end of classes to perform, for example, several times 50 – meter very slow jog. Further, from occupation to occupation gradually increase the duration of the runs and to reduce pedestrian part. In both methods, the cross sections are chosen subjectively, by being and level of physical fitness. It is important not to forget the slogan of "more haste, less speed".