The Illusion

According to its theory, Freud in its book ( Interpretation of the Dreams) displays: ' ' The daily pay-scientific vision of the dreams adopted by the peoples of the Seniority was, for certain, in complete harmony with its vision of the universe in general, it took that them to project in the exterior world, as they were realities, things that in fact only enjoyed of reality inside of its proper mentes.' ' (FREUD, 1900) The same parallel it happens when Cobb organizes its mind and in the dream it perceives that Badly already the theory cannot more come back, that it needs to get rid itself of these old souvenirs to be able to reencontrar its children, in accordance with occurs when it the same has incoherences between different versions of the text of dream, it can presume that has incoherences parallel bars in the original. These verbal difficulties culminate in the sufficiently frequent examples where an interpretation depends entirely on one trocadilho. In dreams of Cobb we can perceive that the atemporal term is employee well, that is, in accordance with the theory of Freud, the unconscious one it is atemporal, it does not have notion of time and nor of space, exactly it happens in the dreams. In some scenes of the film the image of the wife of Cobb appears in unusual places, without having notion of as it appeared and nor of when it appeared. In the dreams, in general, never we know as we arrive or where we are. The film sample also that object small light thus call of Totem (used device to distinguish the reality from the dream), is only form to know if world where if lives is real or not, all participants of Plan directed for Cobb, must to have this totem (object tocvel only for owner), so that they are not lost and they do not run the risk to be imprisoned in the dream, that is called Limb (last level of the dream, in this place one minute of normal life can symbolize ten years), a place where everything is possible, therefore the unconscious one does not obtain to distinguish the Real from the illusion.