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Word-key: voice; ratio harmonic-noise; use of the apple. Abstract The voice is the noise produced by the larynx, producing sounds and words, putting into practice the encoding and decoding necessary will be the exchange of messages between humans. Vocal Thus, during speech, there is the vibration of the cords, but will be which there is good vocal quality and harmony, we need flexibility and elasticity in the wavelike movement of the mucous to layer that depends on to air transglottal. It is understood, therefore, it is important you care will be harmony, since without it, have the poor quality sound will be those who to hear and difficulty and discomfort will be those who speak. Vocal In search of quality, the apple is seen favoring the elasticity and flexibility of the mucous, by making it to thinner. This article aims you analyze the results of harmonic-noise ratio in women before and to after ingestion of Fuji apple, through research with 28 women aged 20 you the 30 years, collecting the voices on the issue of testing with prolonged vowels (//,/and/,/i/,/u/) and fricative/s/and fricative/z/, counting numbers, among to other resources, with analysis of the voices through the Dr Speech program, version 4,0 Tiger Elemetrics, it was seen that 22 women had improved quality-harmonic sound of to their voices to after eating the apple. It concludes with this, that the apple has benefits will be the quality of vocal voice and harmonious functioning of the tract, being the best studies on the subject and its advantages in the practice of speech therapy.

Words key: voice; harmonic-noise; the uses of apple. 1 INTRODUCTION the communication is the form for which the individual obtains to express its feelings, ideas and experiences to another human being. Such is the capacity of information transmission, as much, said and writing, how much representative or gestual. Then, as Penalty (1999) by means of the communication the human beings transmit information of different nature and through different systems.