Transversal Subjects

The boarded social matters are: ethics, health, environment, sexual orientation and cultural plurality. The interdisciplinaridade proposal can cause some quarrels of the conceptual point of view as, for example, of its relation with the conception of transversalidade, sufficiently spread out in the field of the pedagogia. This quarrel is pertinent, and fits to analyze as they are being considered in the National Curricular Parameters the differences between the two concepts, as well as its mutual implications. In accordance with the PCNs the problematic one brought by the transversal subjects is contemplated in the different curricular areas. Of this form, in all the elements of the resume it has item selected from one or more subjects. With the transversalidade, the subjects start to be parts integrant of the areas and not external and/or connected they, defining a perspective for the educative work that if makes from them and the fact to make possible the insertion of the Transversal Subjects in the different areas (Portuguese, Mathematical Language, Natural Sciences,) it does not mean that this is uniform, is necessary to attempt against in such a way for the singularidades of the different subjects how much of the areas. 3.1Transversalidade and interdisciplinaridade As much transversalidade as interdisciplinaridade if base on the critical one of a conception of knowledge that takes the reality as a steady data set, citizens to an act to know exempt and distanciado. Both point the complexity of the Real and the necessity of if considering the teia of relations between its different and contradictory aspects. But they differ one from the other, a time that the interdisciplinaridade mentions a epistemolgica boarding to it of knowledge objects, while the transversalidade says respect mainly to the dimension of the didactics. To interdisciplinar