Treatments For Incontinence

Incontinence of urgency consists of the sudden urgency and/or exit of urine. Mixed incontinence the combination of both types mentioned above. Incontinence by spillage the incapacity to drain its bladder completely. Functional incontinence physical Problems as arthritis can delay the goings to the bath. Great Advances in Treatments Referring to the different options from treatment available for urinary incontinence, the Dr. Maiti comments: ” At the moment vanguard treatments exist, like the surgery of minimum invasion using ” slings” , which is placed via vaginal in ambulatory form under local anesthesia and sedacin.” ” After the surgery my life change from one day to the next, I can today say that it suffered yesterday of incontinence, no longer ” to it; , it comments the Mrs Olivia, that had more than 10 years suffering of incontinence with 2 previous operations. This new technique, consists of placing a device with a tape of enmeshes or sling extreme light underneath uretra average so that it acts like a support when it sneezes or tose.

This obstructs the opening of uretra and thus it avoids the loss of urine. This procedure is called ” it frees of tensin” because suture is not used. This technique offers a 90% of success. Also it has stop index of success in surgeries of prolapse like fallen bladder, cistocele, fallen rectum, rectocele, uterine prolapse reduction of the uterus, enterocele- hernia of intestine through the vagina using prothesis special, with which it offers a permanent result. It concludes the Dr. Maiti: ” With the new techniques of treatment it is possible to assure an increase in the quality life of the patients by means of procedures of minimum invasion; the important thing is that these women know that they count on these options, and that do not doubt in approaching a specialist for conocerlas”.