To way that becomes more difficult, it increases the weights per week. The base is in fortifying the legs, and creme you will obtain that it. Sentadillas works all the muscular group of the legs and until a 30% of all your body, including abdomen and back. Pdele to the person of your gymnasium that teaches to you to do them, or of equal way I know the place perfect where you will learn to realise this fantastic exercise. 5. Dead weight Like sentadillas is an excellent exercise, and are almost complementary.

This exercise realzalo of 1 2 times per week. It will give support you to the low part of the back, will fortify your abdomen, your deltoids, shoulders. Between sentadillas and dead weight you will obtain tonificadas legs incredibly. Acurdate that the legs contain the greatest muscles and therefore you will burn much fat. 6.

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