Yohann Jonson

To the extent that management integrates with the relevance of the empowerment that is given to workers, you will notice a behavior more proactive, more beneficial to the company, since it is a process that allows free, count and multiply with the potentialities of the personnel in order to acquire more synergy, feedback that step to trust, to yieldsproductivity and membership with the company where it works. Therefore, should not surprise us that point, empowering, is a management resource that allows to expand the media that are usually account for a job. Definitely, it is valid when it is said, that empowerment becomes the strategic tool which strengthens making, that gives meaning to work in team and leadership that allows total quality ceases to be a motivational philosophy, from the human perspective and become a system radically functional. Discussed with much assertiveness, that people who are led, directed under a process of empowerment, feel they are at the center of events and perceive that the success for the Organization, which are taken into account, considered in the company’s plans, contribute in where respects them, appreciates his performance, integration to their functions. Assumptions taken into account towards the empowerment or empowerment when management is identified with the scope, relevance of making use of the empowerment, should be attentive in comply with its premises, which as we know, must be promoted by management, Cascade and at all levels, these are: responsibility for areas or designated yields.

Control over resources, systems, methods and equipment. Control over the working conditions. Authority (within the limits defined) to act on behalf of the company. New scheme of evolution by achievements when the Manager has evaluated and considered the scope and positive impact on the changes in favour of a good culture organizational, a genuine culture characteristic of the company, in which manifests that he has generated in pro of productivity, development of the organization under his command, should take into account the characteristics of traditional companies so its opening will lead to transformations, changes that give step to a good empowerment, so consider the main symptoms that reminds us of Yohann Jonson, such as: in traditional companies place belongs to the company. Only orders are received. Your post doesn’t really matter. Not always knows if this working well, generally the indicators are not clear. You always have to stay silent.

His position is different than you are. It has little or no control over their work precisely about it should generate changes and the results will be favorable. Comments modern organizational behavior shows a new opening in the use of the authority, of power, and share it among all members of the company, committed to one goal, as it is ensure the success of the company in their operation, productivity and achievements in such a way that the efforts of working, performance benefit of all. From here. the importance of the democratic power usage giving the possibility that staff participate in decisions, objectives with an integration of values, cohesive, integrated efforts, so in that way, appears a new organizational culture that will favor the company, its achievements… Be considered, that everyone must work together to design the process of change, from senior management to line workers.