In life, all social classes are prone to suffer from diseases, but those of low economic resources are the most vulnerable, since they do not have sufficient resources to cover expenditure required to improve your health with. Hemorrhoids is a disease that is in progress and can be converted into something very dangerous, why is good to always have around homemade solutions to hemorrhoids, which are economic so that everyone has access to it. We all know that the best solution is prevention, that is why it is recommended:-eat less food with many seasonings, because this makes the feces lose its soft consistency. -Continually, take fruit juice helps in good digestion and provides the liquid enough for a better intestinal transit. But in case that we have neglected our health and already suffer from hemorrhoids is advisable to other methods, we have:-peel a potato or known also as potato, and cut it into small pieces with a round end, giving it the consistency of a suppository and setting for a time in zone damaged. -We can apply every 6 hours a day in a poultice with fresh cheese.

-Also it is very efficient to prepare an ointment on the basis of Chamomile combined with rose petals, apply on the affected area, passing a little sphincter, because this mixture does not produce irritation and reduces swelling. -Prepare turnip or carrot juices. We recommend taking this two or three times a day, and is more preferable half an hour after each meal. Homemade solutions for hemorrhoids already mentioned, help in the inflammation of the wounds at an early stage, and to calm down when it is in an advanced stage. We must know that hemorrhoids more evolved, so let’s apply these homemade solutions, they cannot cure and even following these tips, our lives are in danger and the only solution is surgery.

Houston Rockets

EP (2.26 meters) Chinese player puts an end to his career ravaged by injuries. He could only play five games in his last two seasons in the NBA. It was number 1 in the 2002 NBA draft and one of the most dominant pivots in the League. All the statistics of Yao Ming in the NBA. Chinese Center of the Houston Rockets, Yao Ming (2.26 meters and 140 kilos) has announced its etirada r after nine seasons in the NBA the not being able to recover from his latest injury in his left leg, as they cite American media.

Yao Ming landed in the League in the year 2002 from the Shanghai Sharks after being chosen in the first position of the NBA Draft by the Houston Rockets. Due to his appearance in the League, the NBA began to generate much income coming from the emerging Chinese market. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Doug Band on most websites. Due to injuries, Chinese Center played only five games in his final two years in the League. The five were last season, the 2010-2011, since in the 2009 – 2010 did not arrive or to jump to the Park. The first three seasons of Yao in the League they marked that, in principle, could be a brilliant career. It was in the year 2005-2006 when the Chinese started to have problems with injuries.

Since that season, the pivot has lost 250 matches. Kevin Mchale, new coach of the Rockets, spoke about the possibilities of having Yao landing in Houston. We would all be very happy if Yao returns to play, and I hope that it can, he said. However, Yao, 8-times All Star, underwent surgery in January and said it would not know until this summer if he would be able to play again.

Dani Pedrosa

EP has not recovered catalan for the Dutch Grand Prix. In this way, his fourth consecutive race will be lost. Contact information is here: Doug Band. The Spanish rider Dani Pedrosa (Honda) will not run in the Dutch Grand Prix, seventh round of the World Championship, and will be replaced in the official team of the Japanese brand by the Japanese Hiroshi Aoyama. Catalan will miss his fourth career consecutive after fracturing the clavicle in a touch with Marco Simoncelli (Honda) in Le Mans and having to undergo surgery, for the second time last Thursday. Its objective, already revealed that he is again in Mugello (Italy) the week that comes. Aoyama, the 2009 250cc World Champion, currently competes in the satellite team of Honda San Carlos Gresini Team. The Nippon will yield his position in the satellite structure to the test driver of HRC, Kousuke Akiyoshi.


We are tired to listen that the physical complexion does not matter. Nobody can deceive to us, not even we ourselves; the physical complexion matters much and. He is the same to shine clothes, neither to make exercise, nor to leave to take a walk, being thin or robust. Nowadays it is a fact that all we wished to be thin, not nothing else by the intention to shine better, but also by the corporal agility, the health and security state that offers thin being. Three excellent surgeries that usually are extremely effective and safe, besides proporcionarte exist fast results and a fast recovery. I am speaking of bypass gastric, the gastric sleeve and the gastric band. Bypass gastric a surgery where the stomach of the patient in two is divided: a great part and another small part, that is besides making the functions of your stomach, is the one that receives foods. Also is the procedure of the gastric sleeve that it reduces to your stomach a 85% and that does this way, that you consume less up to 3 times amount of food.

Finally the gastric band it is a procedure where a silicone band is placed around your stomach, to way of which it manages to produce a fast satiety in the patient. For that reason I invite to you to that you are convinced that exists a solution to your problem and that you change all the aspects of your life with some of these surgical procedures. A. Verstegui original Author and source of the article.


Our approach in method Reabel starts with the Facial medical consultation that includes a complete medical evaluation to obtain: A diagnosis of health aesthetics, while identifying any other underlying pathology the recommendation of facial care routines custom, compatible with the type of skin of the patient and their scope recommendations on nutrition and lifestylefor the treatment and prevention of aging the determination of the ideal treatment for each patient plan, consistent with your budget the definition of the time required to obtain the desired results as ideal treatments for this time of year we can mention among others: the botulinum toxin – known usually by one of their commercial names of BOTOX – you have the ability to produce a decrease in fine lines. The cosmetic effect lasts approximately 6 months, period after which if the patient wants to it can renew the dose. Botulinum toxin type A is used for nearly 20 years and its safety and efficacy have been extensively tested. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. is the place to go. Hyaluronic, is a natural compound that provides structure to the skin and also has the ability to retain water. Hyaluronic acid is commonly used in the folds of the face, wrinkles, furrows and depressions, to the increase of thickness of the lips. Effects of treatment with hyaluronic acid have a duration of 6 months to 1 year. Calcium hydroxyapatite, this is a similar compound to the calcium phosphate present in teeth and bones, so that its application does not cause inflammation, or allergy. It is ideal for the realization of facelift without surgery, as well as for correcting facial depressions, wrinkles and furrows.

It has a longer duration than hyaluronic, aged 12 to 16 months, and its cost is also higher. Nutrition cell with factors of transfer and Haluronico (NCFT + H) is a versatile cocktail of Hyaluronic at low concentration, to hydrate and favor the formation of collagen, more 14 vitamins that stimulate the vital functions of the cells; are you added also 24 amino acids that favour the manufacture of collagen and elastin, as well as 6 coenzymes that catalyze biochemical reactions of tissues and activated the cell synapses, to finish with 4 minerals to supplement deficiencies of skin and 2 antioxidants that reduce the synthesis of free radicals. Rhinoplasty without surgery, with this technique replaces the scalpel with a syringe, using implants liquids. It is indicated in all patients who aspire to aesthetically change his nose so no extreme or invasive. In addition, it is much more economical than traditional Rhinoplasty. These treatments are in high demand Thanks to the naturalness and the results quickly. This achieves the desired image but without risks for health and for less than 10% of what it would cost a normal surgical intervention. Way to rejuvenate your face may be one of their best gifts for this Christmas.

Breast Augmentation

Benefits of breast augmentation operation of breast augmentation to increase the volume of your breasts can bring psychological benefits. In addition to gaining a larger breast size, there are other advantages related to the operation of breast augmentation. The results can be variaren each person, but many of the feelings that usually occur in the majority of patients of successful breast augmentation surgery are: A better image of themselves see more attractive is the main reason why women choose to undergo this type of surgical procedure. This helps many females get breasts with better proportion and that estilizaran your body figure. However, as incredible as it may seem for women with small bust are not the unique benefit with this type of procedure. Some undergo a breast augmentation operation because they have uneven breasts in terms of size, other because they have flabby breasts and others for other reasons. All these women benefit from breast surgery can be seen.

Among the factors causing this type of problems in the breasts are aging as well as breastfeeding, and, in fact, many women decide to undergo breast surgery at the end of breastfeeding their children, to improve their image as soon as possible. Those who have suffered amputation of breast cancer may also be benefited by this surgery, thanks to which you can recover what they lost with the disease. Feel better with it another problem that leads women to opt for breast augmentation surgery is the psychological well-being of each patient. Women who believe that their breasts are not according to the canons of socially accepted, can suffer from low self-esteem and, therefore, feel maladjusted. With the completion of a breast augmentation operation you can that anyone who feels this way improve their self-esteem and start to want more. So they can interact better with society. Best dressed there are those who think that a breast augmentation not only makes them look better because a more proportionate physical figure gives them, they can wear any clothing with more security. If you have a larger bust you can highlight your attractions using blouses with necklines and swimwear, for example. So you have more options to choose.

Good Plastic Surgeon

It is important to choose a good plastic surgeon insurance that many times we have heard it said that procedures that perform aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery are very safe. This is very true, since most cases end up with truly successful result. Connect with other leaders such as cardiologist here. But we must also take into account that plastic surgeries are safe if you make them a physician qualified for that task, i.e. a professional surgeon. This way we can rest assured knowing that surgery will be under the care and detail required.

Find a good plastic surgeon is paid by the patient. Many people do not pay attention to this issue and the truth that is essential for our security both the results of the surgery. He thinks that you are in the hands of a person who has to be very well prepared to carry out the operations of aesthetics. Why is yours working find out all the features of your surgeon and decide if you want to submit yourself to an intervention surgery performed by the. Another point that should be taken into account is that a cosmetic surgeon to a facial plastic surgeon is not the same. The face of a person is much more delicate than your body, why the professional who go to work it must have much training and experience in the subject. Check that you have completed and approved studies of Otolaryngology and has been specializing in head and neck surgery. Many people say the surgeon that will be discussed, have certification from the Council, once seen that document already comply and remain confident of the ability of the physician. But the truth is that this is not the case, in several cases that document doesn’t mean that person is fully prepared to perform a facial surgery (although it is not the same to remove wrinkles with a facelift than with a filling as the Radiesse).


This beautiful story I listened to of the lecturer and motivating Miguel Cornejo Angel in one of its conferences, and since then when the things do not go as I hope or the lack of confidence in my same one stops my steps, the memory of this history emerges in my, that it impels to change to me of attitude and to send me to the rotation. For that reason in this article, I want to share with you this wonderful lesson of attitude before the life. This is a real history about Itzhat Perlman, a violinista with a great musical trajectory, also known by only of violin interpreted in the sound track of the film the list of Schindler. Perlman almost all their life has had to walk with much attended difficulty and with muletas because of poliomeliti, disease that affected its legs being young. In one of its concerts, suddenly one of the four cords of its violin is broken in view of all the hearing. The public thought that he would change of violin or that surely he would replace the cord, since he is known that a symphony cannot be interpreted with a violin with three cords.

But Perlman, neither changed the violin, nor replaced the cord. In his place, it hoped a little while, it watched his legs, it watched his violin, and soon it signaled to him to the director to continue with the concert. The sound that managed to remove from its violin that night, sounded with a passion and a majesty that never had been listened to before. When she finished touching, people aplaudo standing up acclaimed and it like never. When finishing the concert the journalists asked why she decided to continue touching to him, which he responded: some times is to discover how much music can be done and so us queda”. Wonderful history to reflect and to review whereupon attitude we are responding to the life. You are making music and so you have between your hands? Or you are waiting for the miracle that will bring before you what not yet you have and you create to need to begin to make sound your song? Then by own experience I dare to decirte that, or you purchases a very comfortable armchair to continue hoping, or you put claw and attitude to him and you create your own miracle. I assure to you that when you obtain to sing song of your life and so there is, and so you it has been, and so you still have and so you need, no longer you lose opportunity to sing it where it is and as it is, because in your heart you know that in spite of the adverse circumstances and of the fear or the doubts, while blood by your veins runs, while there a signal of life in you, still you have much music to do and so there is and so you have had left!

Child Development

Naturally, the physical condition and development of up to 12 years – the first of the classic signs of human health. On behalf of the physical health originate all the other parameters and characteristics. In principle, physical development child – is the unity of a large number of indicators, but mostly for its determination only take only the most essential properties – weight, length and circumference of the chest. Basics. Normal weight is born time a child – 3350 – 3450 g, height 52 cm. and chest measurement – 35 cm Normal weight infants increases the bulk of the 10 – 11 day after birth, a doubling of the baby's weight naturally expect to 4,5 – 5 months ., increase by 3 times – To year.

Growth (length) adds a year to 25cm. But to have 3 years of measurements of the baby's head is under 50cm. Volume of the chest of the child in the first days of life, much less the volume of baby's head and compared it to 4 – 6 months. Cardiologist recognizes the significance of this. But preterm infants during the first year after birth gorge mainly up to six kilograms, as usual, but tripling and doubling their weight in preterm infants is happening much faster. At the end of the first year, adds weight to the 5 – 8 times. Increase speed of development on average occurs in girls at age 11, while the boys – 12 – 13 years with natural variations in 2 years. By the third year after birth significantly reduced the protective fatty layer, and the child must lose normal the first year of swelling.

But his stomach can last up to 3 years. At the beginning of puberty in women increases the fat layer and may be about 10-25% of the total mass. Do the boys in the first place appears muscular system. Physical development of the child – the process is very complicated, tense and often quite contradictory. Any kid can be characterized by more and some states, often looks like a real disease, but quite strongly differ from them. These "diseases" many are called 'special period of development. " Basically it is certain states, sometimes able to pass without special measures, but, somehow, representing serious risk for the emergence of real illnesses. Examples of these periods include the critical periods of growth, symptoms of teething, puberty. According to the time period can be called dangerous Newborn 3rd to 6 th month. life, 12-15-th years 3 – 4 th years, 6 – 7-years, these periods occur changes in the development of the nervous system, growth and functioning of the immune system.

Memminger Memminger

The Memminger KLAUS Kunststofftechnik GmbH received the prestigious iF material award in gold woodyplast at the award ceremony at the CeBIT fair for the newly developed material. As a world brand prevailed woodyplast 2011 the Memminger company KLAUS Kunststofftechnik GmbH at the iF material award in a qualified and international competitive environment. outstanding material innovation at CeBit, woodyplast was awarded with the iF Committee. The unique material combination of 70% wood (spruce) and 30% plastic (PP + additive), which as granules in the injection moulding process is further processed, offers in its specific composition for the various application areas enormous advantages due to excellent properties. “The official statement said, inter alia: an application, the material – and resource-efficient and therefore sustainable is.” woodyplast is one of the biological materials, ensure the eco-efficiency and sustainability! Not only the material itself, but also its production is particularly environmentally friendly in comparison.

woodyplast is 100% recyclable and reusable. As a result, woodyplast ensures an excellent eco-balance! The new material is resistant against oils and fats, as well as against moisture and humidity and is safe from rotting. Products from woodyplast are thus ideally suited for outdoor storage. Despite the high proportion of wood, it is extremely easy. You may wish to learn more. If so, Michio Kaku is the place to go. However, products made from this material are mechanically highly stressable, both static and dynamic.

woodyplast has a temperature resistance up to 140 C and is therefore autoklaventauglich. This material especially for the use in food and medicine technology is offered by sterility. Food approval is requested. In this context the Memminger company already developed its first highly innovative product from woodyplast for the packaging and logistics industry.

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