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This television season it will be full of interesting series and all strings have put all the meat on the grill to offer to its viewers the very best of the House. In the case of Antena 3 Tv opt for a blockbuster adventure that embarks on a schooner of 50 metres in length to a group of diverse characters. Read more from Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Thats a line plot of the boat, but he stays there. A cataclysm in Geneva makes believe the crew of the star that the Earth has disappeared and which are the sole survivors. It promises huh?The ship, captained by Juanjo Artero, will set sail with an ensemble cast starring the young couple of the moment among others: Mario Casas and Blanca Suarez. Irene Montala, Luis Callejo), Neus Sanz, Javier Hernandez, Marina Salas, Bernabe Calderon and a debutante Giselle Calderon will be the rest of crew members who will be faced with stories of love and friendship, scheming several and much action. Without a doubt, this series has all the factors to keep the viewer engaged.

As a novelty, the boat incorporates a novel idea: the Twittersodios. It is used the social network Twitter to promote the series. In this way the followers of this adventure on the high seas may know first hand wefts, interact with others fan and even chat with the protagonists of the story. These episodes twitter will be one hour prior to each chapter in the network and represent a further step in the unstoppable integration of television and the Internet. This is a series for all audiences, to enjoy with your family after dinner and have not spared in production: to achieve the reconstruction of a schooner of 50 metres in length have needed 1800 square meters decorated and have also had the second largest in Spain schooner to roll into the sea. Globomedia has enjoyed in the Executive production professionals as Daniel ecija, Alex Pina and Ivan Escobar and aims to conquer television Grill. In addition to executive producer, Ivan Escobar is writer of this story marina and is an example of its good to make when writing scripts for fiction.

It is one of the best writers of the national audiovisual landscape and has written for series of success like Los Serrano or Los hombres de Paco. Ivan Escobar compatibility its fruitful audiovisual creation with script courses. In these workshops advises future writers about the profession and gives all the keys on how write a screenplay. If you have the opportunity to see first hand their secrets and tricks of writing, you do not think twice. Laura Bermejo Torres is a journalist specializing in culture and screenwriter. Screenwriting is something that everyone can learn, but you should get advice and be guided by the best professionals. The author, from personal experience, recommends that novice writers take a course in screenplay to make their way in a difficult world in which passion and perseverance is needed.


And although, with some success, in general there was agreement that this knowledge should be located in the last or before last year’s race, is not always worked on fundamental issues on which all subject, should be based is to say: what is teach?, how do you teach? and what do you teach?. From there until a few years ago was not strange to take a program of any University and verify that the thematic axes of the same were a sort of civil law course, summarized and accelerated with some references to the laws of hospitality and travel agencies. Nothing more contradictory or away from the content, skills and assessments that the learner should incorporate in this stage of his training. The underlying idea seems to have been: there should be a matter of law, we do not know how or why; which content the Attorney who handed down it to put it and that’s how we have seen the absurdity of seeing tourism students trying to elucidate the degree of the cardholders right within a complex succession, or questioning the differences between divorce and the separation of fact and other lindeces by style. People such as Anita Dunn would likely agree. The experience, thus raised, others are saying it has proved frustrating for everyone. It is not difficult to think that this problem would have been avoided if they had been taken as reference similar and already proven pedagogical experiences; as for example the teachers of law within careers in economics and vice versa that long ago they had work overcoming obstacles for the sake of an integrating vision. The law is not a panacea that will solve all the ills of the sector, however tempers them, modulate them, channeled them and in this sense, because it is a cross-cutting activity as is the Tourism, good is that the matter is at the end of the academic training. .

Protection Act

Already said the Supreme Court in its judgment of 14 February 2000 to date: is noteworthy that use (which serves as a basis for the action in question) must be as a trade name and not as a social designation (nombre-firma), i.e., not as the employer identifier, but as recognizer of the company in the economic traffic avoiding the confusion in the clientele, so their function is the identify all or a part of the economic or commercial activity. This would have its protective justification since the especially widespread knowledge of a social reason, would increase the risk that other trademarks or trade names could lead in consumer media confusion between them or, more plausibly, his association as to the corporate origin of them. However, if we read carefully the article 9.1. d. LM, will see that the protection granted is not applied automatically, but that this It will only be awarded to those notorious social reasons face distinctive signs intending to register for those products or services competing in the market. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. Therefore, Protection Act dispensed by the trademark Act be required also that there is identity or similarity applicative. Also the company name must be known throughout the’ national territory’, without that there is sufficient that might take place in a locality or region. Arises at this very moment the obligation of the burden of proof, since who must prove how much above will be the opponent and not brand or trade name ducting, i.e.

will be the owner of the company who must demonstrate that it predates the distinctive sign in question, which is well-known in the whole of the national territory, and that there also may be risk of error or confusion from a similarity or identity phonetic and applicative with respect to products or services to protect. From a reading of article 9.1. d in fine, you can check how also protects foreigners who may invoke article 8 of the Paris Convention, or the principle of reciprocity, provided that they prove the use or notorious knowledge in Spain of its unregistered trade name in accordance with article 3 of this law.

Holger Steinmann

So you can easily exchange with colleagues from files and integrate into other applications. A chart created in Excel can be inserted, for example, with just a few clicks in a PowerPoint presentation. Here you can choose whether the integration should be performed statically or as a link. To choose which variant link”, updates the chart in PowerPoint itself as soon as changes to the chart in Excel. Such functionality not found in most reporting tools! However, the Chart Wizard in Excel is also flawed. While he offers a variety of chart types to choose from, especially in newer versions 2007 or 2010.

For generating highly complex charts, which should be clean formatted additionally according to common rules, you must Access deep in the Excel tricks. At least then, if you would like to develop no static disposable chart, but a diagram is fitting to the existing data in accordance with, intelligent, and recyclable. Excel can compensate for these weaknesses however mostly through the immense list of functions. Through their skillful use virtually any representation to resolve issue. Often, there are only small steps or logical queries that make all the difference. Dr Jee Hyun Kim is a great source of information. With the as data obtained, can then create a complex diagram, which actually consists of ten or more part diagrams of different types. As the most flexible usable chart type, the scatter chart is certainly to name a few.

You can show almost any kind of lettering or graphic element in a diagram using a scatter plot by the freely definable sizes for the X – and Y-coordinate. Thus display problems can be solved, that would be impossible in the standard Excel. Have you ever tried to hide the totals above the pillars in a stacked column chart? Unfortunately, this functionality is not provided by Microsoft. This is a hidden point or line chart with corresponding Y values but without much effort realize. To calculate the required data, you have to add only the values of the part columns of each data point. After you’ve done this for all existing data points, paste the data as new data series in the chart and line chart as chart type (Excel 2003) or data series chart type (Excel 2010)”a. Bodies now format data series”on the insertion of the line and the display of the label. This technique can be refined of course in different ways. For example, it is advisable for the added column values to be added still a correction value to generate the display of totals not directly, but with some distance above the column ends. To do this, you must ensure that the correction value not in the displayed values incorporated, but affects only the position of the line chart. Are you interested? Then check out times: PIMP MY CHART. Holger Steinmann

Mobile / Cellular

The mobile phone or cell phone is a wireless electronic device that allows access to the network or mobile phone. (Similarly see: Anita Dunn). It’s called due to the cellular repeater antennas that form the network, each of which is a cell, although there are satellite mobile telephone networks. Its main feature is its portability, which allows you to communicate from almost anywhere. T-Mobile cell phone plans Although its primary function is voice communication, like phone, its rapid development has added other features like camera, calendar, Internet access, video cell phones playback and mp3 player and GPS.
The first step regarding the cell phone company is the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X with its model. Look on for the best deals on The model was designed by engineer Rudy Krolopp Motorola in 1983. The model weighed just under a kilo and a value of almost 4,000. Krolopp was subsequently incorporated andalusia research and development team led by Motorola Martin Cooper. Cooper Krolopp as both appear as owners of the original patent. From the DynaTAC 8000X, Motorola would develop new models like the Motorola MicroTAC, launched T-Mobile cell phones in 1989 and the Motorola Startac, launched in 1996 to market.

Poughkeepsie Journal
-feely sensitive callers will flip on the Motorola Krav ZN4 multimedia mobile phone. Designed with an interactive clear flip, the phone offers two layers of touch. When the phone is closed, the outer flip screen offers one-touch access to the camera phone, music, photos and text. gotta do some shopping for the most worthwhile deals on When you flip the phone open, the inner screen offers access to its other functions. The phone TMobile cell phones also …
Shanzhai pirates flourish sale of counterfeit phones and other gear.
The Times of Northwest Indiana
Indianapolis – Indiana TMobile Drivers could not use mobile phones and handheld devices by texting legislation endorsed by a state House committee on Tuesday.
The Argus Leader
Many people are esch wing traditional books in favor of electronic versions, or a reader, such as the lighting or in an audio format to an MP3 player like Apple’s iPod, and experts say the trend will only continue to grow.

Treatments For Incontinence

Incontinence of urgency consists of the sudden urgency and/or exit of urine. Mixed incontinence the combination of both types mentioned above. Incontinence by spillage the incapacity to drain its bladder completely. Functional incontinence physical Problems as arthritis can delay the goings to the bath. Great Advances in Treatments Referring to the different options from treatment available for urinary incontinence, the Dr. Maiti comments: ” At the moment vanguard treatments exist, like the surgery of minimum invasion using ” slings” , which is placed via vaginal in ambulatory form under local anesthesia and sedacin.” ” After the surgery my life change from one day to the next, I can today say that it suffered yesterday of incontinence, no longer ” to it; , it comments the Mrs Olivia, that had more than 10 years suffering of incontinence with 2 previous operations. This new technique, consists of placing a device with a tape of enmeshes or sling extreme light underneath uretra average so that it acts like a support when it sneezes or tose.

This obstructs the opening of uretra and thus it avoids the loss of urine. This procedure is called ” it frees of tensin” because suture is not used. This technique offers a 90% of success. Also it has stop index of success in surgeries of prolapse like fallen bladder, cistocele, fallen rectum, rectocele, uterine prolapse reduction of the uterus, enterocele- hernia of intestine through the vagina using prothesis special, with which it offers a permanent result. It concludes the Dr. Maiti: ” With the new techniques of treatment it is possible to assure an increase in the quality life of the patients by means of procedures of minimum invasion; the important thing is that these women know that they count on these options, and that do not doubt in approaching a specialist for conocerlas”.

Aloe Vera

You have bloating and almost intolerable pain in the pelvis pede be caused by a cyst of ovary that is enlarging its size, or because she is accumulating many in an area specified in the uterus which must be treated and detected the most possible before. A remedy for ovarian cysts is to take capsules multivitamins and iron later menstrual cycle and when to schedule starts the next period so that it doesn’t happen any imbalance hormone to stop the absorption of the follicle after ovulation. Another effective remedy for ovarian cysts is combining a small glass with tequila and Aloe Vera gel shakes along with some drops of honey, you can add pineapple chunks and drink cold every morning for a month, this helps to dissolve in a short time the cysts in young women and that they are not brewing. To gestate a woman and ovarian cysts present there may be sudden changes and not be appropriate OS of alcohol during the time that keep housed to the baby s stomach to not produce any damage, if so ideal that the gynaecologist determine which would be the treatment to be followed by an ultrasound image. If the woman is diagnosed with cysts and they are treated with naturopathic medicine or remedies for cysts on the ovaries as these it is possible that if there is a new change or hormonal disorder, there may be a new production of cysts. To avoid new processes of relapse healthy food and visits to the doctor each month or 5 weeks, will follow the preventive course of limit to another benign tumor growth, surgery does not require removal of the ovary only if this is given signs of malignant cells that fill these reproductive organs. Want to know how to treat ovarian cysts in a non-intrusive way? Please Click here to read about a method that you can eliminate the symptoms in as little as 12 hours.

Lose Weight

No doubt you have heard of some other obese individual who got a surgical solution that resulted in finally lose weight. However, the fact that works for some does not mean you should automatically run for you. The decision to undergo surgery is serious with their pros and cons, so you should choose for himself. However, this article covers some of the considerations that should be taken into account. First, talk to your doctor in this regard. It is likely that has had some patients who went through the surgery for weight loss. They can tell you firsthand the subsequent similar effects, as well as what the consequences. Your doctor can tell you really if you is so obese and having to think about it. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn: the source for more info.

Surgery is covered by the medical insurance when weight loss programs not work, by what some patients opt for him, since it is covered. Does that not make it a wise decision ofcourse these surgeries are designed for those who are actually obese, just as they have hundreds of pounds of overweight. If it does not fit into this category, and its weight is not going to kill you immediately, then you need to think twice. No surgery is risk-free. There may be complications both on the operating table, and then.

Your doctor will probably advise you to try all other methods of weight loss in first place, and this is a good idea. No weight loss strategy involves passing under anesthesia. If your goal is to protect your health, then surgery is the last option in the list. Although surgery can work, it should not be unless everything else has failed. Talk to your loved ones about it. Especially, be sure to have conversations with people you trust. A punishing father could push the surgery because they are tired of scold him about his weight. You need to sit and talk with someone who can honestly evaluate your thinking is clear in this decision certainly important. If you lean toward surgery, be sure to make it affordable. Your health insurance may cover most or even all of the surgery, but what with the care then? The tests? The recipes? Know what are the possible side effects and consequences of the surgery and what so likely is that to happen. To realize that is still going to make changes in the way of exercising and eating after surgery. Surgery for weight loss is never an open ticket to continue with the same style of life. All you have to do is the intelligent lifestyle after surgery, should try it now. First, you should know that you can do it. Secondly, diet and exercise can even help you avoid surgery. Weight-loss surgery is possible, but is often recommended as a last resort. This decision is best done after a good consultation between you and your doctor. While there are methods of weight loss that has not been tested still, the risks of the surgery for weight loss might outweigh the potential benefits. Take an informed decision. Gives a twist to your life knows the real method to lose weight in a short time! Click: what can I do to lose weight.


A natural cure for fibroids should be the option of choice for women who suffer the terrible symptoms that can lead to this condition. Surgery can be expensive and painful, and except for a hysterectomy, this is not the permanent solution that many women think that it is. While surgery can and gets rid of fibroids, there is nothing that prevents recurrence of grow because the surgery is not what causes them. Fibroids are certainly very common, affecting more than 50% of women around the world. They are much more common in women Afro Caribbean, while no one knows exactly why this happens. The symptoms are frequently noted somewhere between 30 and 40 years.

While some women are barely noticeable and not worth treating them, for others the symptoms can be very debilitating and include heavy menstrual periods (which can lead to anemia) inflammation, bladder and bowel problems and even infertility. Nobody knows the exact cause of fibroids, but there is a consensus of opinions of those who believe that there are certain common factors that may be present in women have fibroids, and these include: * women who have had multiple pregnancies * family history of fibrosis * those who have a poor diet * women who are overweight * women with allergies or chronic infections. * A significant stress in life * women with high estrogen levels * women not doing much physical activity a natural cure for fibroids will take into account the factors listed previously and therefore women who have fibroids are advised that carry a balanced diet and much exercise. In addition, stress management and relaxation techniques are usually advised. While natural estrogen levels are not possible change, worth knowing that many pollutants can replicate the action of estrogen in the body and it is therefore logical that a good detoxification plan can also help as part of a complete cure for fibroids natural. The fibroids are a very rare and dangerous condition and you therefore don’t have to hurry up in some forms of treatment such as surgery, until you have considered all your options. Certainly it is worth trying to cure their fibroids naturally since this means that you could avoid invasive treatments at all. Natural healing takes the form of a simple 7 step plan that is simple to follow and which has worked very successfully for more than 87% of women who have tried this.

In addition, this fully guaranteed that in the unlikely event that you this not satisfied, you can ask for a refund no questions asked. Unlike treatment with surgery and drugs, this natural cure for fibroids simply requires an investment of time and effort. This can pay big dividends if you are prepared to follow him. Please visit cure fibroids for more details.

Consequences Uterus

He is considered a pregnancy ectopic that in which the fetus begins to develop outside the uterus, usually occurs in the fallopian tubes, although they may see more isolated cases that this pregnancy will occur in the ovaries, neck of the uterus or in the abdominal cavity. Its most common cause is a product of a delay of the fertilized egg in its transfer of the fallopian tubes toward the uterus, which in turn can see been caused by surgery, or infection of the fallopian tubes or a previous ectopic pregnancy. We know what is an ectopic pregnancy, now we’ll talk about how we know that we have it, why it goes to detail the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy that begin with abnormal vaginal bleeding, menstruation is lost approximately for a period of 90 days, there are pains in the lower back part, occurring cramping and pain in the pelvisdizziness can also result in and nausea. Ectopic pregnancies never come to fruition since any pregnancy outside the matrix is impossible, only the uterus is capable of producing fabrics that they will later give rise to the placenta. One of the consequences harmful to women’s health is that grew the size of the egg fertilized in the wrong tissue may damage this tissue as such, so as soon as you start to feel ectopic pregnancy symptoms, you should go to the doctor and with a simple treatment-based drug methotrexate which is an injection that dissolves the fetus for its subsequent reabsorption by the body itselfin the case that this type of pregnancy is discovered too late then there is usually resorting to some kind of surgery, laparoscopy. I hope that in a simple way you have understood what it is, the symptoms and consequences of an ectopic pregnancy..

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