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Maxilofacial Surgery

Aesthetic surgery of high quality now to your reach The Clinic of Maxilofacial Surgery of the Dr. Burgueo, continues with its philosophy to update itself and to adapt to the needs of its patients. In this case, with special prices for the aesthetic surgery of eyelids (Blefaroplastia) during the last trimester of year 2011. Blefaroplastia […]

Near Moles

At other times, you must use a sun cream with a filter – the preference should be given to proven cosmetic line. But the sun should be moderate! Remember that a tan is generally able to provide mutagenic effect on the skin, and sunscreen is 100% saved from this disaster can not. Another mistake made […]

Latin American

Useless wisdom only differs from the nonsense that gives much more work. Proverb we complement these notes, whereas some topics that need to be taken into account by current management, especially, face the greatest challenges, changes occurring constantly in the scenario where companies, organizations notes that have as purpose identify with the modern role that […]