Maxilofacial Surgery

Aesthetic surgery of high quality now to your reach The Clinic of Maxilofacial Surgery of the Dr. Burgueo, continues with its philosophy to update itself and to adapt to the needs of its patients. In this case, with special prices for the aesthetic surgery of eyelids (Blefaroplastia) during the last trimester of year 2011. Blefaroplastia is the surgical technique used to remodelar the slackness of the eyelids that appear over the years, cause of a tired aspect and a sad glance. The excess of skin in the eyelid superior can interfere with the peripheral vision. The external parts and superiors of the field of view are more commonly affected and this condition can bring about difficulty in activities such as to lead or to read.

In these circumstances, blefaroplastia of the eyelid superior is a simple and decisive technique. Other patients can be realised a similar procedure for purely cosmetic reasons. Commonly the calls bags of eyelids can appear to very early ages since there is an enhancing hereditary component. They produce an aspect of fatigue and loss of vitality that to the patient it dislikes to him enormously. With blefaroplastia modern one deals the skin, the muscle, the fat and even the inclination of the eyelids obtaining an eye of much more attractive aspect. The techniques but outposts of blefaroplastia, like which we realised, not only treat the eyelids but also through the same incision we can eliminate the wrinkles of entrecejo (so frequent and so annoying) of definitive way and lift the eyebrow laterally.

The correction of the alterations of the eyelids is the operation that more frequently is realised in the field of the face aesthetic surgery. The procedure is carried out with local anesthesia and in ambulatory regime. In the post-operative one usually there is no pain, but they will appear hematomas that will last between 5-7 days. The present tendencies combine treatment of eyebrows and lifting of cheeks through the same incision of blefaroplastia.