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Bariatric Surgery

Tourists travel to Costa Rica for cosmetic surgery procedures. With substantially lower prices, for example, cosmetic procedures that cost about 50% to 70% less than in Canada or the United States.UU., many smart consumers are reserved the trip to Costa Rica aesthetic tourism. Some of the most common procedures performed in hospitals and clinics in […]

Health Insurance

Unfortunately, the national project ‘Health’, despite the huge investment did not give the expected result: obtaining new medical equipment, ambulances, high wages, municipal services ’03 ‘continue to work the old-fashioned because of the lack of a host that would require work on the final result. Therefore, the need for private ambulance services have remained. In […]


At the first stage of a person gets the opportunity to have a positive impact on health in respect of myself and, after 21 days of practice in relation to other people. The second stage was initiated, the person receives more opportunities of using Reiki. In addition to helping themselves and others in the field […]

Identify Problems And Methods To Correct Visual Problems

Since some years ago that entailed visual problems, this due to excessive strain that made my eyes and unknowingly, used to draw at night and in low light, so without realizing my health was deteriorating vision. Shortly after I entered the school and noticed he had trouble seeing what teachers write on the board that […]


In recent years, the media, the Internet, more and more begins to climb topic supplements. By violent reaction of readers, listeners, viewers can draw conclusions about its relevance. In addition, the content of the speeches, especially critical, and suggests a different conclusion: The theme of “dietary supplements”, almost uncovered in the media. Are not disclosed, […]