Health Insurance

Unfortunately, the national project 'Health', despite the huge investment did not give the expected result: obtaining new medical equipment, ambulances, high wages, municipal services '03 'continue to work the old-fashioned because of the lack of a host that would require work on the final result. Therefore, the need for private ambulance services have remained. In addition, not all medical services are included in the program CBOs, some of them has only a commercial ambulance: transport of sick and injured among the regions, the organization of 'hospital at home' and others. Most big companies a fee ambulance were opened in the mid-90's. During this time they have accumulated sufficient experience in providing fee-based services is in the extended volume, established channels of hospital acquired modern ambulances and medical equipment, staffed good clinicians. Most of these companies working in the voluntary health insurance system, but there are those who specialize in providing services directly to the public. The cost of calling a private ambulance crew of 3 – 4,000 rubles. The price is quite reasonable, since commercial ambulance must contain a value for money expensive ambulances, medical equipment, dispatching services, communications, facilities, bear the costs of licensing, as well as to pay decent salaries to doctors.

Unfortunately, not only the population, but also specialists of insurance companies choose services 'costs'. Let worse, but cheaper. In 2000 – 2005's opened a lot of private ambulance services, which consist mainly of either is not the best representatives of the municipal '03 'or simply people who are not versed in the business. Such companies do not provide services at a higher level or better, than the city office, so the great need for them there. Survive these 'businessmen', mainly due to insurance companies operating in the voluntary Health Insurance (VHI), and finished at the expense of the health of their insured to increase its already considerable profit. These commercial swift and joined the emergency department departmental clinics guides to the sick doctors do not know the skills of emergency medical care. The cost of such services paid ambulance – 2 – 2,5 thousand rubles. But this is not the case when you should save money.

Identify Problems And Methods To Correct Visual Problems

Since some years ago that entailed visual problems, this due to excessive strain that made my eyes and unknowingly, used to draw at night and in low light, so without realizing my health was deteriorating vision. Shortly after I entered the school and noticed he had trouble seeing what teachers write on the board that was at a distance of about 4 meters. But I can not see clearly seemed normal, in fact I thought I could see well, never take into account the possibility that need glasses. The result: Love was very ill at that time education! After that period I took a real awareness of my limited vision so I turned to professional help. After studies and have acquired my glasses aoh surprise! the world was totally different, I enjoyed much of the a nuevo Mundoo to me. This small, personal story made me think lately about the large number of people who may have some visual impairment and did not realize, which can lead to other problems, such as poor school performance in children or young people do not realize their problem, irrigation accidents, etc. Contact information is here: William J. Lhota.

It is therefore important to revise our view at least occasionally. But yque happens to people who suffer and pay attention to these kinds of circumstances? Traditionally, only two solutions are covered in most cases: 1) use of glasses / contact lenses and 2) undergo surgery. Each of these proposed solutions exposed to high risks or agency to use devices. And that is all there is? Fortunately, there is a third option that promises to be very efficient and has been investigated, obtaining successful results. The method is based on recommendations and exercises to reach naturally restore the ability to see with which we were born. To learn more about this method can access this.


In recent years, the media, the Internet, more and more begins to climb topic supplements. By violent reaction of readers, listeners, viewers can draw conclusions about its relevance. In addition, the content of the speeches, especially critical, and suggests a different conclusion: The theme of "dietary supplements", almost uncovered in the media. Are not disclosed, the scientific subject matter. And those few publications, speeches of scientists of the Institute of Nutrition, gerontologists, and other competent in the subject of scientists, physicians, they are known only to a limited circle of persons. Hence, because of ignorance, ignorance of the population and heard negative reviews. Here's the caveat – lack of information (misrepresentation, concealment, and sometimes even falsifying information) and creates a population of unhealthy excitement about dietary supplements. Often, simply going substitution of concepts, and speculation on this, some unscrupulous people.

What angers people what they claims against the BAA? In clinics, medical centers, patients (or rather call – "clients") strongly recommend ("vparivayut" if literally) supplements. I stress this is happening in clinics, medical centers! Recommend expensive supplements. So cheap and apparently there is no sense to propose, or more precisely, there is no interest. What is behind this? Concern about the health of the patient – the customer? Or commercial interest? Blame the medical staff in the right Do we? They are placed in such conditions, as indeed all other citizens. Medicine was in fact commercial. However, to the doctor as a last hope. Mindful of the fact that they have, or once was, an oath Hippocrates.