Cosmetic Argan Oil

Lately cosmetic argan oil has unleashed a great fascination in the world of cosmetics and is that this oil has proved its worth as a regenerative cell over the centuries of use in the Berber women who used it as moisturizer not having anything else within his reach, they were the scope of this elixir as a cosmetic which discovered apart from its medicinal and culinary use. He is currently drawn cold to preserve as much as possible all its properties and that these are absorbed by the skin, hair and nails to maximize its benefits, this then that many people follow the example of Berber women and to check the anti-wrinkle and firming effects of cosmetic argan oil. The best that cosmetic argan oil is extracted cold is that potentiates the antioxidant effect and provides better results than traditional oil extracted with toasted seeds, which acquire an aroma and taste of walnuts which gives it a touch of exquisite food, oil for food use is better It is swallowed crude to avoid further losing its properties, has shown that two tablespoons argan oil coffee in fasting they help to fight many diseases including gastritis, high cholesterol as well as triglycerides, atherosclerosis and prevent heart disease. If you are going to use argan oil cosmetics, make sure you buy it at a store that offers you a good quality product, is very important to always do a little research about what are the characteristics of argan oil. Don’t forget to find a store where to buy argan oil that offers you the guarantee in writing, and to work with the cooperative of Berber women that extract the oil of argan, these cooperatives caring for the quality of its product and benefit the Berber status of women within society to give a source of jobs with a fair wage. The majority of stores that sell argan oil put the description of your product, so read carefully the characteristics of the product that you are offering, this way you enteraras where and by whom it was produced, or if it was deodorized (which is not very recommendable, since in this process the oil passes through steam and removes part of their properties) if sold in amber vial or transparent vial, etc. Every detail that you can see it is important including the type of container that is in use, because if you buy a container without applicator, can contaminate your oil, small details like this, they are important to take them into account at the time that look at where buy oil of argan, as well as the amount of oil that you are going to buy. Although sometimes you get cheaper buying a litre, don’t forget to buy a metering bottle and go filling while that big bottle the guards in the refrigerator wrapped in foil aluminum.