Aromatic Blends and Herbal Mixes

From antiquity, when the magicians and soothsayers were trying to look into the past and see the future with the help of ancestral spirits of his people, came to us smoking mixes. It does this through entheogens – special plants that while smoking may alter the consciousness of the magician and immerse it in a kaleidoscope of visual hallucinations. Often entheogens – those plants that are in nature, we do not even pay attention, because they understand how to lead them use of negative consequences (for example, any known hemp, red fly agaric). In the CIS countries today entheogens are sold both legally and illegally. Extremely popular Jah Rush (Ja Rush) and (Goa Spirit), which replaced replaced the popular Spice Diamond (Diamond Spice) belong to a group of legal. A lot of positive feedback in the environment rastamanov led to the emergence of Goa Spirit (Spirit of Goa), where the effect of using Goa Spirit (Goa Spirit) is highly impressive.

Goa Spirit (Spirit of Goa) – a mixture of powerful entheogens and other rare plants, which is capable of human thought to a long and at the same time mild effect. Do not make the big working to acquire a mixture of aromatic wholesale in Omsk, Volgograd: domestic online shops without any problems Goa Spirit will deliver to anywhere in Russia. Jah Rush (Rush Jha) the degree of popularity is not inferior to Goa Spirit (Spirit of Goa). Many exotic plants from around the world, is included in this mix: Verbascum Thapsus, Damiana, etc. Certainly, a prerequisite allowed Jah Rush was that when smoking Jha rush overwhelms a person a sense of harmony, confidence and peace of mind. That is why the rush to order wholesale Jah in Krasnoyarsk, Moscow and other Russian cities and foreign countries is possible without any problems.

Jah Rush (Ja Rush) came to market in spring 2009, but during that short time he and Goa Spirit (Spirit of Goa) were the most popular smoking mix in the CIS. Aromatic preparations should be noted separately. Smoking mixes, unlike them, demanded only for smoking, while the aromatic blend – for aromatherapy and fumigation of the premises. Aromatic mixture. In contrast, familiar to every incense, are a powder, often packaged in 2 or 3 grams.

Ritalina Medicine

The author approaches thematic of the indiscriminate use of the Ritalina medicine in children and the adolescents who are diagnosised with DDA/H, from the stories of the family who brings as complaint behaviors of carelessness and inquietude inside of the classroom. It raises questioning on the real necessity of this legalized drug and on the used arguments, for the doctors, to base the upheaval of attention deficit and hiperatividade. For such, it makes analysis in the ways to learn human beings, the concept of attention and activity and of the values of the society of today. Society this, that sees the citizen as an only organic being, ignoring and denying singular individual only e; causing a generalized and impersonal treatment, what it finishes for resulting in preference, for the citizen, of the medication to attenuate pain psquicaa to dialogue on its you distress.

This reality is explained through seeming of its colleague Jorge Gonalves de a Cruz who makes historical analysis of the paper of the doctor justifying because the medicine sees the patient in such a way and what it is for backwards of the great growth of the pharmaceutical industry that, for times, it creates the remedy, later the illness. After that, in it discloses its analysis to them on DSM IV, concluding that it does not have reasonable justifications for diagnosis DDA/H. making a parallel with the requirement of the school on the maintenance of the attention of the pupil and supporting themselves in the conception of floating attention used by Freud, the author in intent for the focos multiples and the diverse situations that the pupil dirige its attention today. It considers, then, a reflection on the position of psicopedagogo, ahead of the attention and the hiperatividade, alerting to us for the question of the label in children diagnosised with DDA/H, that presents the symptoms as a form to point that they are not well for the family and the school, however does not possess such upheaval, thus being does not need the medicamentoso instrument.


They were not paying attention because of primary and excessive attention to the bacteria and their role in the process, unlike bacteria, has been studied enough. Also for the first time plan to create an adequate model of tuberculosis, which occurs in nature, based on new modeling techniques of tuberculosis in animals. This is a fundamentally new approach to studies. Well aware of the responsibility in respect of alleged new theory. Necessary, or publicly announce the fallacy in the absence of evidence or to prove it experimentally! As scheduled done in the next year or two. For the experiments planned to raise the profile and the organization. If we succeed in research to find only a new approach, one that is already paving the way to solving the problem of tuberculosis. Hence, the work done for a reason.

Although the above report had already been refuted by common and presents a new hypothesis on the nature of treatment in fat, which is already experimentally confirmed and proved by Trinchera and followers. But against can not be real objections. Today, pharmaceutical and yet can not provide effective drugs, new approaches are needed. A situation where a decision is needed by all, and science and the clinic and pharmacy, and patients who suffering from tuberculosis, and society! So, before you announce a new theory, we have been previously identified ways to develop radically new products. We hope that this interest pharmaceuticals. We look forward to mutual understanding and confidence in a robust discussion with the experiment, as well as active participation in our project stakeholders. Peter Savchenko, of Medicine and the substance Intersuccess, Kiev,


prevents the anti-septic use of because they are cytotoxic substances. It uses saline solution or physiological serum (warm) (SF 0.9%) to clean most of the Ulcers for Pressure. It uses a pressure of irrigation enough to improve the cleanness of the wound without causing trauma in the stream bed of the wound. B – Desbridamento Weaveeed desvitalizados favors the growth of pathological bacteria, thus, the removal of such fabric favorably modifies the environment of cicatrizao of a wound. A method of more appropriate desbridamento must be selected.

The desbridamento techniques are: surgical, mechanical, enzymatic or autoltico. C Dressings/coverings: The Ulcers for Pressure require dressings to keep its physiological integrity. An ideal dressing would have to protect the wound, being bio-compatible and to supply an ideal hidratao. The condition of the stream bed of the ulcer and the desirable function of the dressing determine the type of dressing that will be used. A rule in this in case that it is to keep the fabric of the humid ulcer and the skin to its unbroken redor and dries. 1.

Use the clinical judgment to more select the type of dressing adjusted to keep the humid wound. 2. I will choose a dressing that around protects the skin of the wound it keeps and it dries while the stream bed of the ulcer is kept humid. 3. I will choose a dressing that has controlled the exsudato, but that it does not dry up the stream bed of the ulcer. The extreme exsudato can delay the cicatrizao of the wound and macerate the fabric around. 4. It considers the time expense for the cuidador when to select a dressing. Coverings of transparent films and dressings hidrocolides require little time of the cuidador that the dressings with gauze that continuously they are humidified with physiological solution. 5. The sockets with the dressing material eliminate the dead spaces of the wound completing all to make it difficult formation of abscesses.

Wonderful Foaming Honey Foot Bath

I guess you can tell me much about how tired your feet and legs after getting your busy day. When was the last time you have to treat yourself to a day at the spa? Even if you had the time, not too often you can afford the cost of $ 100 for a simple and relaxing foot soak. Does not it sound nice? A relaxing soak in a foot spa. So together this simple recipe for you to have that relaxing bath with ingredients you probably already have at home, and can hit immediately. *** Step 1.

Create this wonderful foaming honey foot bath at home. This is what you need: 1 tablespoon honey 1 tablespoon liquid soap (I used dish soap) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil, almond oil was all that sounded was hard to find , but my wife and I found at the drugstore chain on the corner of our street. Just take a look at the beauty / cosmetic aisle. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and you're ready for your foot bath. Note: If you want to do these things in a lot of saving for later, you can upload all the ingredients for something like this: a "a cup honey" cup of liquid soap (I used dish soap) 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1 cup sweet almond oil, now you can store it in a bottle and save some time for the next. Step 2. Get yourself a footbath These days you can get a fancy, space-age, foot bath for about $ 20.