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Daniel Shahin

So would the CIS AG of Germany in terms of new business to the No. 1 of affiliated companies in Germany. The essential determination of CIS-Germany AG there is according to Daniel Shahin now all three areas in his own hand: the free consultant Verlags GmbH & co. KG as publisher of the eponymous briefing […]

Plastic Surgery

Health is very important for any man. Keep it should always be. Sport promotes health and tone. But we must not forget about modern medicine, which is developing every day. Lovely ladies always want to look attractive and young, admired and zavistnye views. Hear from experts in the field like Ultra Wellness Center for a […]

Surgery Implants

Commonly known as buttocks or pumps, the buttocks are one of the most attractive parts of the human body, so much so that surgery to increase the gluteal volume is rising among patients in different clinical aesthetics in the world. And is that it is not only fashion by continue to singers like Beyonce or […]

Plastic Surgery Medical Malpractice

Plastic surgery is a form of elective surgery more prevalent in our society. Thanks to her, not only those patients who wish to see improved some aspect of your image you can see their wishes fulfilled. Also those who suffered tragic events like excisions of breast or scars, and disfigurements terrible accidents can recover his […]

Bariatric Surgery

Gastric bypass, Bariatric or gastric Strip Surgery is currently having success; increasingly there are more people willing to undergo this surgical treatment. However, they must be prepared for the challenges that holds them the life after the operation. Long-term gastric strip success, depends on the cooperation of the patient. Surgery does not guarantee a change […]

Cosmetic Surgery Options Today

Scientific progress has raised some areas of our lives, not deprived attention and medicine. Currently, plastic surgery is more relevant than ever, because to live with the idea that the days of youth long gone, and the former blush gave way to the wrinkles on the face, none of us wants. Today, medicine is able […]

Floppy Feet New Therapies

She is heralded with the first rays of the Sun: the sandal season. Dusseldorf, February 2011. Whether noble Sandals of designer, flip-flops or barefoot perfectly groomed feet are the new Spring trend. And which foot to this already old look? Out of the socks, and to the aesthetic foot doc, so the hot currency of […]

Head Of Surgery

Tuesday – it is a regular scheduled operating day. Everyone knows that the hardest day of the week is Monday, but if you have to be on duty that day, then Tuesday is particularly difficult. In one of these Tuesdays, about dinner after, otdezhuriv and completing planned surgery, the doctors went to rest in ordinatorskuyu. […]

Gastric Surgery Sleeve

It is not for nothing that the gastric sleeve has become one of the surgical procedures most popular around the world. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. has compatible beliefs. There are many benefits that are obtained through this intervention. Firstly, the fact that the gastric sleeve is performed by laparoscopy, offers the user the opportunity […]

Breast Enlargement Surgery

Before surgery, you should definitely talk to your surgeon about all the risks and long-term prospects of a breast augmentation. Get advice from an experienced-more aesthetic plastic surgeon and treated. The method will work with which the surgeon, the implant will depend on your anatomy and the evaluation of the expert. The incision can be […]

Plastic Surgery

Our lives are now more than ever dependent on science and technology. Relying on them, and medicine reached a higher level of saving lives. The function of women in society was changing all the time. Now the woman has to perform appreciable part of the male tasks. Beauty, as it tended face, hair and graceful […]

Skin Care

Skin Care is skin care? obvious reality, but we will see exactly what that means in the long term. All that is taken good care of you look, last and function better for longer and retain its value. Maybe we should think about skin care in terms of “keeping the skin ‘, because there are […]